07.03.2018 - Cardano 1.1.0 Software Update

A major package of improvements and fixes is ready for users

The software update today is the first major release for Cardano since the mainnet was launched at the end of September and it consists of a great deal of work from the development team.

Read all about it here: https://cardanofoundation.org/press/cardano-1-1-0-software-update/


I have not ever had problems with Daedalus. I have restarted the wallet but no prompt for update?

It takes time for it to propagate to the network. Try again tomorrow :slight_smile:

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That may be the case…I started the wallet a few minutes ago, and nothing prompted to update…it just opened the old version without prompting to update, all my transactions and balance in order…but no update

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Just restarted computer and opened Daedalus and seems to be stick on connecting to network, is this normal for the update? Never had this take so long to connect?

I’m not clear if we need to manually update or wait for a prompt. I am not convinced that we need to wait and try again tomorrow for the “propagation”. It should check 1 source of truth and update immediately in case of patches/hotfixes/hacks etc. Tempted to manually install the update, but want to also see if the app auto/prompts for update…

Guessing the update has not been released/deployed yet at this very second… “Users will notice the changes take effect tomorrow.” from the article linked above…

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same here, 0.8.2 works fine but no update. is it supposed to ‘phone home’ to get it or how do we update?

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Last time there was an update button that appeared in the Settings tab, if I recall correctly.

Still nothing here. I will wait a few hours and if nothing will reinstall the latest version

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I have downloaded the latest and reinstall the wallet only having now issues connecting to network.

Just updated with only little drama. After install was complete I had to restart computer to finish and get prompt to choose language and accept terms etc then all sweet

I like this update, I opened Daedalus and it had a notification of an update, I chose to update and restart and it was very smooth for me, i like the idea of the network notifying me through my software and I didn’t have to go download it, glad it was so smooth for me, I did restart and choose my language like @Arch2017 but it was super smooth IMO for being a wallet update.
Thanks IOHK and CF!

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Just did this update on a mac. Perfect.

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I feel like I am the last user of this forum who hasn’t received the update notification after having closed and relaunched Daedalus all day :joy:

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Pierre, did you miss the download availability notification?

Actually I have been trying to download the latest package since this morning. Still at 1.5MB / 95.7MB ! So I might as well wait for the update to show up…:sob:

Something’s not right there! :open_mouth:

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Thanks for your compassion Rob :slight_smile:


Maybe they are saving the best for last :joy:


Thanks Maki haha

I just did my update. super simple and quick.

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