Hola everyone! hope you´re doing well! I was a XRP ALL IN until today!

Hola! Hope i can get a lot information about my new investment because so far what i got is the feeling that i in the right one!!!



Welcome to the forum! There is a lot of information here, at iohk, at emurgo, at the cardano foundation, in Charles Hoskinson’s numerous videos and elsewhere. It’s a great project with a lot of reading material.


Hola and welcome! We are all very enthusiastic about this project also. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings!


Welcome to the community! I’d recommend following Charles on Twitter and subscribing to both IOHK and Emurgo on YouTube. If you’re seeking good sources or have any questions, there are many active members here that can point you in a good direction. Cheers!

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I’m 67% ADA, 33% XRP.

I think we’re gonna do just fine my friend. Welcome.

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ripple is so lame banked backed asset with quick exchange capabilities. Like we don’t have a million of those right? or am i missing something about ripple? ripple needs to just stop everything their doing and let Cardano take its customers and users, I think it would do the world better.

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