Thoughts on Ripple (XRP) and it’s future Potential

Anyone think that Ripple would be a good crypto currency to invest in? Seems like they have a strong team from different backgrounds.

I bought it as my first buy 6 weeks ago. The site has a lot of information (maybe more hype than information but whatever). There’s some talk about an important announcement(s) coming up this Friday or the next at 5 PM. Team Ripple has competitors, so investing is always a gamble. That’s why I diversify into ADA and others.

Thanks cool, I’ll give the link you provided a browse. Currently have a cryptocurrency headache lol

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I have a lot of ripple on my ledger I won’t be cashing in until expecting the price to be around £20 per coin at that time but only put money that won’t be missed for a couple of years on it. :+1:

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I remember when Ripple first launched in 2013. The Ripple company were giving out 50K XRP to every BitcoinTalk forum member for free. At the time, they were centralised and closed source so we took a very cynical view of them. You register on their website and the 50000 XRP would just be sitting there, on their platform. I exchanged my XRP for 0.5 BTC. I now see source code on github and their claim to be decentralised, but I don’t know if that’s true, or if Ripple is still controlling everything.

If XRP can be US$0.75 today with its 100B supply cap, I see a really bright future for Cardano.

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Great information to know yes I’m watchng XRP daily, and for those who kept there XRP that was given to them lucky lucky if the value rises.

I hope so… It is the first one I have bought into, just within the past week.
Given what it is used for, I think it has a future. I aim to hold it long term
I would like to buy some Cardano next also as a long term investment

I paid about 14c a xrp coin… I see a lot of people on twitter moaning about them even though they jumped upto 72c…some people looking to be overnight millionaires :slight_smile: