WHY are so many people excited about XRP??? why is it better than cardano? or maybe it is not…

Oh boy, to me thats like asking which better a laser or a swiss army knife.


Isn’t it because XRP is currently about 45 cents while ADA is about 4 cents? Should the price be reversed: ADA 45 cents & XRP 4 cents: I guess more people would be interested in ADA.

We both know that XRP is about value transfer/ banker’s coin while Cardano project is way more ambitious ;D


Yeah, price is where you find it. Last year i picked up xrp for the price ada is at now.

you might bother to give more details than this silly comparison…

You are comparing two completely different solutions to different unrelated problems. The value of the tech is like any market, its a perceived value from a highly speculative, scared consumer. Cardano’s platform in my eyes is more sustainable because of its fault tolerance, why would a bank or any other person adopt technology that may get cracked or brute forced by some advanced quantum device in the future, likewise do I really want my smart contracts and money floating around in the web when the builders of the tech supporting it didn’t build with security first in mind? That’s how I as an investor view their value but others might see if differently.


XRP is basically the Goldman Sachs coin. I’m trying to get away from that. People will probably make money holding it though.


You are asking for an answer that requires an explanation to educate someone who hasnt bothered to even begin to understand, but yeah here it is in on sentence.

They serve differrent purposes, better doesnt enter into it.


Maybe ask the Ripple community why they’re excited about XRP? I’d be interested to hear any responses beyond “$589 EOY”. I really don’t understand why people are excited about it, beyond just price speculation.

I think it’s performing better in terms of market cap because Ripple has a lot of hype around partnering with banks, while I don’t think a lot of people see the potential of Cardano yet, or they’re just waiting for decentralisation and smart contracts before investing.


They are desperate to prove they are not a security BTW. Kind of funny.

Go and try to understand the hashwar

You’ll realize both of this coin are just scam to make their founder rich

I might get ban now and that’s ok

Bye thanks cardano for the ride from 0.018

You know what the more funny thing is? That XRP is most probably will get classified as a security.

Ripple will probably pay the $250k fine (most likely sellling it’s stash of XRP) and register it with SEC.

This is number one reason why no sane exchange wants to touch XRP. It’s a toxic asset unless the regulators come up with alternative (lite) version of security regulation for crypto.

There are a lot of ifs and they all point to a lot of risk. Plus I don’t like a federated/centralized approach to crypto.

its like seeing trump sign his tweets with a #meetoo hashtag saying Melania was rough on him last night.


one word “interledger”

they are working with W3C who have already accepted and are integrating the protocol into w3c standards, it is one of the most active projects in W3C

what does this mean? well the interledger payment protocol will be integrated in next gen browsers so payments via the web will be open to all forms of payment be it paypal, wire transfers, bitcoin and xrp.

So yes, it benefits all cryptocurrencies massively but here is the thing, XRP - who created the protocol, are going to be first to market, they already have an alliance with youtube and twitch, content creators can now accept payments in XRP instead of trying to fund through ad revenue

this is a big deal, services like patreon/etc with their 15-25% cuts are going to be replaced and crypto is going to dominate micro transactions due to transaction fees, watch a video, read an article, heres 0.3 XRP and bam your consuming premium content and the value goes straight to the content creator, no middle man

the protocol/standard already looks well advanced at w3c, browsers are usually slow to adopt new standards but with how significant this tech is it could might be done very quickly. I suspect the longer this takes the less the competitive advantage XRP have… but that might not even matter as they are offering this tech via browser extensions already

I guess it all comes down to how successful xrp are into convincing content creators to urge their subscribers on the system and therefore xrp, but it is important to note that plenty of large content creators are already being deplatformed, could you imagine what would happen to xrp if say alex jones urged his users to support him through such a medium?

i don’t own any xrp, or any crypto currency for that matter, but i can see why xrp is popular