Why is Cardano rising as most other crypto is declining?

Is there some new announcement or partnership driving this ? I think Ripple / Stellar and Cardano have superior tech and they both happen to be rising.

Ripple has a permissioned blockchain. They never even made a wallet. Cardano is a completly different animal.


Ripple is always closing new deals, but none that I know that justify this gigantic pump.

Actually, Ripple is rising for a reason - storage of many XRP but that doesn’t answer the question about cardano. I don’t care to debate the merits of either.

Great but I didn’t post this to debate Ripple vs Cardano

@eduardomk I agree with you. But, pointing out flaws in tech/systems once people are already financially and emotionally invested in it is usually not productive.

@magnetar check out cardanoroadmap.com it’s possible that the market is anticipating the upcoming announcement.

Because… Charles Hoskinson.

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True, I`ll be careful. thx

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I am invested in both Ripple and Cardano with a much bigger stake in Cardano. So I actually don’t give a crap. The point is that this thread wasn’t about Ripple vs Cardano. Those were off topic comments not contributing to the question. Also I get sick of the tribalism of this coin is better than that shit coin.

But thanks I just saw the coming update.

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And indeed they are totally different coins, with different solutions to different problems. I invest in a wide array of coins with good tech. Cardano is the one I have greatest faith in though.

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Cool man. Totally agree with the tribalism stuff when it comes to coins. To me it’s all about the tech and the system. Personally I prefer decentralization when it comes to my philosophy.


I meant that I believe all of those coins have good tech, not that one is superior to the other. And I do get that people dislike the centralized nature of Ripple. I would point someone toward Stellar, rather than Ripple, for that reason although Stellar it isn’t exactly decentralized either. I just like the idea of converting USD to Euro across the globe in 2 seconds ( @ 1000 transactions / sec ) and replacing SWIFT / wire. Stellar intends to provide that ability to people without bank access.

I think it’s the beginning of the flippening, a massive transference of wealth from BTC into ada and a few other key coins.

What do you see our price topping out at if this were to happen?

$5 and up. I’ve no crystal ball but if Cardano do what they say they will do, it could well be more over a three or four year time period.

There is no flippening going on. That term refers to BTC / BCH which is a fork of the former. Cardano is just rising as it unveils more and people are realizing it’s potential.