Stellar vs. Cardano

I’ve been sucked into a large blockchain project that wants to use Stellar (a fork of Ripple) to issue their tokens, integrate with global bank settlement systems, bypass SWIFT, etc. Of course, I would have tried to recommend Cardano if CardanoCL was available, but CCL won’t be ready for a while.

As I’ve been working on this project, I’ve been studying Stellar and it looks pretty strong. They’ve made it easy for relatively non-technical people to create and issue their own tokens that can work with ETH and BTC, which is very smart. I know Cardano’s upcoming IELE+K will enable lots of programmers to build smart contracts on top of CardanoCL in the future, which will enable it to compete with Stellar in this respect.

This article highlights some of Stellar’s strengths:

Stellar was previously focused on the same bank settlement space as Ripple, but they’ve been expanding into the mainstream blockchain arena. I’m still studying their capabilities, but so far, it seems like they will be a much stronger competitor to Cardano in the future than EOS, IOTA, or any of the other relatively popular projects.

As I learn more, I will add to this thread, but has anybody else spent any time comparing Stellar’s features to Cardano’s current features and future roadmap?


BTW, I know both Ripple and Stellar are not fully decentralized; so, they will not be able to serve as a fully decentralized global blockchain, which introduces risks associated to potential choke points and centralized governance issues.

That’s obviously a big difference between Stellar and Cardano, but Stellar’s approach is very attractive for developing world banks, which is where Charles wants to focus, too. So, it seems like Stellar will be a strong competitor against Cardano for developing world institutional market share.


Yes I agree Stellar is one of the strongest competitors if not the strongest. (Both IOTA & EOS suffer from internal difficulties.)

Need to wait and see which areas of the cryptosphere Stellar will focus on. I think they lead the top runners (Cardano, Eth, Stellar) in trying to bring to life a popular DAP network.

I thought you were Ada biased.
Goood to know.

I am biased toward Cardano for good reasons, but a genuine desire for truth still guides my research and decision-making processes.


We are all ADA biased :smiley:

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I guess we all are biased for good reasons and that seems like inevitable.
What I’m not buying into is being too biased, I still like other things to explore…
For stellar I would love to have some seems for good name, technically speaking.