Cardano main competitors?

Hi there

I am looking at crypto market overall and now I see main competitors as ETH, polkadot and vechain.

Can you see more?

I’d like to think we compete with no one…we are all unique…competition creates the same environment we are fleeing…change is good .I’d like to lear more on cardano and how I can be of assistance to the community…

Cardano has so many facets to it that it is hard to find projects to compare it to that have a similar scope which is to be a global scale decentralized financial operating system.

Eth would definitely be one. Maybe Zilliqa and Alrgorand?

From what I know about Polkadot it will compete for dApps with Cardano but I don’t know if it is a true competitor. I have to learn about vechain but it seems like just a next gen payment/supply chain management system to me.

Global scale solution - this is what I like about cardano the same, before I invest massive in cardano I studied cardano, them vision and attitude and their attutude and understanding finance is exactly like I imagine crypto futures.

What about others crypto their all just have one part of cardano,like polkadot they offers interoperabily solution, but not sure is it same solution as cardano?

Vechain offer tracking , it also part of cardano.

Eth offer smart contract - it is also part of cardano.

So on market places companies will be able to choose on which platform they want to build.

I also see that cardano possibly will be a “father” of these cryptos for building high scale projects

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market is always limited. If cardano will achieve 1 trlj users imagine how much competitors they will need to crush. main ada advantage that they did not rush in a past for hyips. people still not invest in values, but in hyips, only smart investros can see relation between adequacy price and value of the project.