Polkadot: Friend or Foe?

What are your thoughts about what Polkadot can do to the Cardano project?

Give more visibility by demonstrating that both projects are the future of blockchain, or relegate it to second plan?

I think it is a strong competitor. Good for the ecosystem, maybe bad for Cardano (I don’t know, maybe there’re space for both).

i can only say this word =


there is no such thing as 1 company to rule them all, especially not in this space, having interoperability as end goal.

The way i see it, maybe its very superficial…

Its like keyboards…we all have different keyboards…some might have the same whatever suits your needs, but in the end whatever i TYPE on my keyboard…you can READ here…

And that is the end goal…me able to communicate with you no matter what KEYBOARD we use or whatever ifit is azerty or qwerty or different language then english…there is a place for everything eventually

What do you guys think about Chainlink as another competitor?

Chainlink for the most part provides Oracle services to blockchains that want to use it. I think people are excited about it because they think it will be a part of most smart contracts regardless of the platform they run on. In that respect I don’t see it as a competition to Cardano. My biggest question regarding Chainlink’s future viability is I think Oracle services will start to become baked in natively to the various crypto projects. That will probably take time though. Obviously a lot of hype and excitement around it so not for me to pontificate on investment advice. Could be some competitive advantage there I’m not seeing also like it becomes the only brand people trust or regulation that mandates its use or something.

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The creator made a post about it but in case you did not see a YouTube video covering some of that here: