Possible BTC bubble burst, and how this can affect ADA?


I just listened to every word of this interview and Charles says absolutely nothing about ADA and DAG - nor have I ever heard him ever suggest that ADA will “switch to” DAG in the future > furthermore, from my understanding you can not just “switch to DAG” >>> DAG is a completely different foundation upon which everything else is written… so no I think you are completely wrong there - Cardano is NOT ever going to become a DAG system.


You’re right… I confused DAG with dapp. My appoligies, I’m far from a programmer.


LOL :slight_smile:


I was just repeating what I’d read in other topics such as https://forum.cardano.org/t/cardano-vs-eos/6192/53?u=robjf

(Later: I’ve now asked about it there.)


Yep… I ride the programming short bus. I can build you a house from the ground up though.


I don’t know enough to comment, but I don’t thing it is possible just to ‘switch’ to DAG. From my understanding DAG is a totally different foundation.

However, ppl talk about how great IOTA is, however, they use a bloody “COORDINATOR” ! So how de-centralized can that be???


See continuing discussion in that thread.


Anyhow, I have started to be very skeptical about IOTA > so many bad reviews, and the founders seem too young and cocky and of course the centralized COORDINATOR is a huge QUESTION MARK.

Also if you try to find vids from all of the founders you will be outta luck. Only the main guy is accessible and he seems like a foul-mouth to me… not profi.


On the other hand… https://www.ccn.com/bosch-bets-big-on-iota/


Is this article really to be believed? I have not seen anything coming directly from Bosch > how do we know we can trust this website to deliver truthful info?


Sites that lie about something as easily checked as that tend not to last long.


Really? You mean CNN and FOXNEWS never lie?

What we ‘may’ have here is not a case of outright LIES but rather perhaps a “shaping” of the truth to affect a certain perception. …for example do we really know that Bosch has invested a significant amount into IOTA? …maybe they are simply currently ‘having a look’ into IOTA and someone is blowing it out of proportion?

There are BILLIONS of $$$ at stake here so I won’t believe it until I see a statement coming from Bosch itself.


Their last press release came out in September 2015, so don’t hold your breath.


And you are right to have this critical approach. I remember a few weeks ago there was a huge pump based on a rumour spread from someone from the IOTA team (who else would gain?) of a partnership with Microsoft… which never existed. A rumour happily blown by the crypto media that led to a big pump then a dump when investors realised the partnership was fake. Many of them were angry and disgusted. So it tends to happen a bit too many times with this coin, and their team doesn’t seem to like transparency.

This crypto world is definitely a communication war

There are other stories like their excuse of “we deliberately placed a weakness in our code” when someone found a way to compromise their code that was very unconvincing to say the least…

With that said, I am not very objective because I don’t like their work ethics which hurt their coin in general.


Bottom line with IOTA is you can not find any info on the main founders and the team. Only the bearded Jim Morrison look-a-like with a foul tongue to match LOL

I go much more for ADA, EOS, and STELLAR (ETH also of course) who all seem to have amazing founders and teams with serious track records. My main question is which one of these will win?


iota is a great coin, as will Ada also, we must let ourselves be guided less by false news


Here’s a pretty detailed summary of EOS:

There’s a thread on Stellar, too, (Stellar vs. Cardano), which needs some more info added to it, but it’s a start.

IOTA is too controversial to ever attract enough community trust; so it’s unlikely to ever become a truly sustainable force in the industry. Thus, IMHO there’s no reason to waste time on it for many reasons.


My gut tells me that EOS is probably pretty damn good. Dan Larimer is no dummy. My guess is that who will win between EOS vs. ADA will depend on commercial and political factors as opposed to tech. factors as both protocols are probably excellent.


I agree with this.

Dan Larimer is definitely one of the smartest guys in the crypto space. However, my concern with EOS is the “building a rocket in a bubble” mentality. You may be the smartest guy in the world, but you need other smart people to confirm what you’re doing is correct… otherwise your project is heavily biased.

As for Charles, he is also a very smart guy. However, the important difference between them is that Charles is smart enough to know what he doesn’t know. He demonstrates this by delegating areas outside of his expertise to people who are experts in their fields, that he respects.

I think a lot of this will come down to who can “fix things faster”. First mover advantage is important yes, but it only takes one error in the code to cause problems and lose the trust of those who own your token. Currently in the crypto ecosystem, trust seems to be easily given… However, once lost, it’s very difficult to regain.

I also agree that political factors will be important. For a platform, you want to gather people to be “on your team”. Once you have enough big names (who become successful) on your side, building on your platform, it will bring on more. I think that’s the whole point of Emurgo right? They’re actively seeking people to build on Cardano, like traxia for example.

Overall, I believe that EOS and Cardano will both exist in the future crypto ecosystem. Which one will dominate remains to be seen. However, I am betting on Cardano as my long term play, til 2025 or so.


I agree completely with that assessment … but I would add , that , while both are intelligent , hoskinson has shown proof via koan, and proof via zen, and proof via Haskell … The only way to usurp a powerful system (gain adoption/traction) is, in the end, openness-attack … that is , being open to recognizing faults and benefits so as to improve. … it is the way of zen, and it is the way of Haskell, and it is the way of Alonzo church , co-inventor of computing.

I think for the masses who don’t have the time to deep dive into this advantage , should ask themselves , “why do you think cardano is open source transparent and academic published”??

… partly, it is because they are simultaneously vetting their weaknesses and announcing their … so to speak, “absorptive power” . There is no way to sneak attack an open source fp system … it has limitless computing capacity to absorb and harmonize any task, or , in blockchains case, to be 500% “reliably secure trustable” .

To try bluntly at an analogy , (and I am not religious or meaning to intend religious interpretation ) … open source haskell has the limitless power of forgiveness and acceptance, whereas other systems may not only have unknown vulnerability, but unknown ability ! If you can acknowledge and help versus any insult, market wise, agent wise, or code wise , you have a large advantage over competitors.

Just food for thought