Possible BTC bubble burst, and how this can affect ADA?

Who here suspects that BTC is in a bubble (similar to DOT-COM) and will soon crash down 70% or so?

…of course this may not even happen. . . . but if it does within the next 6 months or so, how will this affect ADA?

My guess is that it might even help ADA as a lot of BTC holders might find that a quick BTC “escape” might be quicker/easier to another ALTCOIN rather than FIAT… so they might scramble over to ADA?

Anyway, even if a possible crypto-crash might temporarily collapse ADA, I will just use this as a lucky buying opportunity and load up on it :slight_smile: WIN WIN!

I’m really impressed with this company and trust it is here to stay.


Part of me says that a crypto bubble bursting would be the best thing to happen to Cardano. Perfect end to the breakthrough and beginning of Cardano.

However, there’s no guarantee that it could recover.


Yeah exactly… a crypto-crash could go either way for Cardano. It is now so cheap and promising people might flock to it…

On the other hand I just noticed $1 billion went out of the market cap in 1 hour… so some huge holders could just sink it fast.

But look at BTC and it always recovered from mega-crashes…

I’d really like to hear others’ opinions on this topic… seems we are getting into ADA at a very risky time > but potentially very profitable also…

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A worldwide panic will cause all coins to plummet bringing cryptoexchanges to their knees, so no, ADA won’t benefit from it. Now, in post-panic era some coins will slowly recover but it will take a long time to gain the trust from investors and specially from the general public. It would take years to go back to current levels. I say it would be catastrophic for all.


My current guess is that a pretty big crash will happen but the strong currencies will survive. In one way I look forward to it because it will mean we can buy tons of ADA for nothing…

To be silly right now :smiley: I will predict that this crash happens in January 2018… but will recover to 70% of what we have now by sometime in 2019.

Probably wisest to just hold off now, and buy after the crash. . . . but I am going to buy a bit now just in case of the possibility that there will not be any devastating crash >>> we never really know for sure what can happen…

The good thing about ADA right now is that the money in it now is all SMART MONEY as opposed to MANIA MONEY which is obviously propping up BTC right now.

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Well… not yet smart money, but soon.

I see 2 scenarios:

  1. If ADA manages to establish itself as another separate currency that is solid is is sitting a smaller market caps. Meaning the CCL is out and its still below 50bil in market cap. Big bonus if there is easy way to do direct fiat to ADA conversions.

In this scenario, I would think that ADA becomes an enticing investment for people who want crypto but think BTC is overinflated. BTC goes down, ADA down and then goes up.

  1. If ADA is still tied pretty much to BTC. This is probably before CCL is released and its “just another” crypto.

In this scenario, I would think ADA goes down proportionately to BTC since pretty much everything is tied to BTC. The question of how fast ADA recovers is a question of how fast ADA can prove value over transaction only BTC-like currencies.

Super long term, I think as long as the world continues to have interest in crypto, ADA is bound to stay as long as they continue executing.

What is CCL?

Yes I agree that ADA needs to figure out how to sell itself direct from FIAT… I can’t understand why this is not a possibility already for USA/EUR.

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Cardano Compute Layer. Basically the Cardano virtual machine which will power the smart contracts on Cardano

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Many of the people I know believe it’s a bubble and have not risked investing in it, including my dad…

I fortunately had a little bit (which is quite considerate) of cash I decided to risk on investing in coins, especially in ADA without having regrets in case I lost it all… Bubble or not, it might still take a few years before a major crash… But we never really know, could be next year or the following years… All I do know is that I’m riding this ADA train for the long run. For me, it has been all or nothing…


This would be a huge and great improvement imho. Better than having a straight relationship with BTC in case it just randomly decides to crash/drop.

ADA tied to BTC isn’t a bad thing but the moment BTC crashes hard, probably most if not all alt coins will crash hard… since you really have little to no options on acquiring alt coins directly with Fiat. Most of them you need either BTC or ETH to purchase/exchange… At least considering the easy and simple ways out there right now that is.

I believe the blockchain technology is definitely here to stay no matter what. Having said that, no matter what happens in the future, in the worst case scenario the survivors will be the coins that have the strongest ties with the “old” world, i.e. solid infrastructure, real backers and enough funding. In my opinion, all those characteristics apply to ADA, but also XRP, to name a few.


Interesting replies… I was not aware that BTC was necessary to purchase most alt-coins… WHY IS THAT? It seems really silly to me - and furthermore it creates a sick and unbalanced scenario similar to what is happening in the FIAT world > for example: look at the USD! One of the main reasons why it continues to kickass is NOT because of t he US economy but rather because it is the world’s reserve currency. >>> seeing this now helps me to understand why BTC is so inflated (everyone needs it to buy other coins!) — when this situation will be finally remedied BTC will drop a lot.
— you know, one can point to many reasons why BTC can suddenly drop. Scalability for one, Proof of work wastefulness for 2…

      • I think there can be no doubt whatsoever that BTC is in a bubble fueled by the massive, sudden, and popular greed currently out there > however, as stated yes it might take another year or so for the burst to happen… …but ultimately crypto is not going away.

Also, as stated, if BTC and ADA crash… that’s when I will start putting in some real money. Right now I am only intending to buy a tiny position just to have “something”. After the crash will be the best time to buy IMO. Wait for a crash, look at who is surviving, buy it up and hold for the next boom then retire :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Because that’s what most exchanges use… BTC. ETH has slowly been getting adopted by some exchanges due to it’s popularity but as far as I know and seen, most exchanges currently on the market require you to have BTC in order to exchange or convert it to alt coins.

As CosmosX mentioned above, I also think blockchain is here to stay. We might eventually get hit hard but this technology will not go away imo… I personally decided to risk a decent amount of cash in ADA simply because the team and project behind this coin is outstanding. So in 1-3 years I could indeed lose all I had invested due to a bubble or crash for instance. On the other hand, I could also become a millionaire simply because I decided to stick to my investments and believe that ADA could actually make a huge difference in the crypto world.
I honestly got nothing to lose on the long run… Perhaps 6+ months of work savings but I’m still young to recover this money in case I lose it all… So to me is just, keep believing ADA will succeed in the future, as well as the crypto market :slight_smile:


I’d say keep a keen eye on things… try to foresee a crash, and cash-out temporarily before it hits… then buy in again after. True there is a lot to be said for the NEVER SELL attitude because if we all adhere to that, the chance of “our” ADA going down is much less. . . . but on the other hand a timely cash-out might set you up for life.

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Good point!

I know mainstream media is pushing this as a bubble, but I don’t believe that is the case.

Cryptocurrency is a serious game changer. Who here has tried to send money between banks on a Friday?
You have to wait until Monday before the funds are transferred. The first time I sent coins to myself from an exchange I was amazed at the speed. After doing so for a week or so I began to view a 5-15 minute transaction time as baseline.

Then I tried to transfer money from one bank acct. to another that I own early on a Friday morning. By close of business friday, when my funds had not arrived in my other account… it was clear a crystal that these banks are dinosaurs.

This is just 1 example of the value of crypto.

Another – transfer of value from one individual to another from anywhere on Earth to anywhere else on Earth… in 1-15 minutes, no middle-men, no exchange rates and associated fees.

Another – a store of value. This is what bitcoin is. The world - Europeans, North & South Americans, Asia, Russia & Eastern Europeans, Australians, & now the Saudis… they’re all pouring money in bitcoin, in part as a store of value. Fiat currency is the bubble. People are pulling money out of Gold (the traditional store of value separate from fiat) and putting it into Crypto (namely bitcoin). Bitcoin has the properties of a store of value as well. The supply is limited, it is difficult and costly to acquire (equipment & electricity & time), it can’t be counterfeited, it can be used as a means of exchange of value, and money in bitcoin is money not in a bank susceptible to economic catastrophe, inflation, negative interest rates (just look at Japan), subject to the whims of devaluation by central bank overprinting.

Honestly, I think that this talk of a bitcoin bubble is nothing more than the old guard who missed the train, who are dependent on the dominance of fiat currency, and who are desperate to discredit this revolution that is coming over the world.

My prediction, expect bitcoin to replace gold as the primary “safe” store of value. If that’s right, then bitcoin is dirt cheap right now, and in the next several years you are going to see 6 figure bitcoin.

Alt coins will rise with the tide.


I agree with all of that for sure… however still that is one side of the story (albeit, the predominantly truthful part).
Still, all that being true, it can’t be ignored that what we are currently in right now is a kind of mania state > the primary dangerous feature being that most of the newcomers likely are not really sure about exactly what it is they are really investing in. The fact that the growth has been so sudden tells us it is primarily greed driven as opposed to philosophy driven… and these players will bail out at the first sign of a panic.
My guess is that there is certainly going to be a very big and sudden correction > but thereafter crypto will build back up again and eventually completely transform our world.


interesting. I can’t disagree with that :slight_smile:

However, I think LOTS of people have been interested for a long time but sitting on the sidelines, and this recent surge is finally motivating ‘fence-sitters’ to finally ACT. I myself am in this category.

Basically in my opinion there are two things going on side by side:

  1. a speculative bubble
  2. a game-changing REVOLUTION