ADA improvement suggestion improved store of value and stability to dominate Market cap and increase adoption

The price reflects adoption and market cap is important, I would suggest a protocol that stabilizes the currency so it will become a better store of value then BTC, so each time a Wallet decreases by 0.5% within a 24hr period 2% is deducted from that wallet and redistributed to lowest wallets or all wallets or to a governance fund where the spending is voted on. This will cause people to Hoddle and take Market Cap from BTC Value and ETH smart contracts. This could also prevent flash crashes and maybe even a Bear market cycle. HOGE coin have a similar protocol working already except its on all transactions not on % of wallet size moved within 24 hr period


You think that the populace impacted, in the medium/long-term, by the PoA project, for instance, care about market cap?

I watch an ongoing and everflowing mass of value-driven posts related to how Cardano could be, economically speaking, this and that!

You guys are just missing the point. Anyway…

So, to the point! What gives BTC his value, being one of the measuring ways the market cap, isn’t it being stable or not, or hodl-friendly.

And I won’t even proceed to debunk the rest of what you said due to possibly cause me brain damage beacuse of the downgrade I would need to do to get your PoV!


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Thanks for your opinion, would not want you to stupe to my POV, whether you agree with it or not value is what will increase developers in space and speed up progress. ADA is my favourite and I am offering up ideas that maybe someone might like to run with it or put to a vote.

@Douglas_Whitehead again, if value was the major concern for developers, perhaps all of them, DOGE coin wouldn’t exist!

Get my point?

As I already said, and keep insisting on with my friends when talking about Cardano, what will empower us isn’t Cardano “itself” but what we will be able to do in/with it! Being in it the yeld, stake, lending and so on possebilities, and create with it in the stuctural reality, aka “real world”, what you will with your network profits!

Bitcoin, for instance, doesn’t provide passive income, neither Ethereum. Cardano is so big that is normal the most skeptical/stuborn minds are being obfuscated with the unbelievable brightness of the project!

Keep sharing your open-mindness!