Wow!XRP gets Moneygram,Cardano gets a beef restaurant in Japan!

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I know right. Hardly revolutionary. Who cares about another system for transferring fiat. That problem was solved ages ago.

Now accepting cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services, thats what we want to see. Keep up the good work Cardano.

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Lol, you are really funny you know…

i’d like to see new ways of crypto to transfer and store value, even beyond simply copying the things we already have done with electronic fiat for decades.

rather than putting my money in a bank for that 1%-2% per annum., to not even keep up with inflation, i’d rather stake value on a blockchain and get 2%-3% per year (noted, this would also be to ‘keep up with inflation’ of the coin itself.)

beyond that, imagine a stable currency pair upon ADA, and the ability to pool/stake that coin, (be it any national currency on-board with cardano.) as each national pool grows, the depth/speed of remittances across all currencies becomes cheaper for all, (while still profitable for those staking value.)

the percentage returned as reward would all be based upon the depth/use of that particular currency/ADA market, seeking a lower bound (cheapest fees / lowest spread / fastest settlement.) ie; people staking US dollar value or pounds (deeper/liquid markets) would net a smaller % reward/fee for staking value in that coin, but those staking large value on smaller currency ADA/pairs would reap a larger % reward/fee, to incentivize staking value to those pools, to create the most balance in the system. much like how differing nations have different interest rates under their control, but decentralized and seeking balance/fairness.

micro loans based upon this ease of cross-currency pairings and local stores of value. now add land management, or the supply chain management, or identity/credential management, or STOs or any other store of ‘information that has value’, and give the holders of that value the option to open it up to the larger chain of cross pairings possible.

things that are out of reach, impossible to fund, or cost an insane percentage in fees and spreads, all come within reach of a “few percent” or tending towards ‘free’ for some. while at the same time, unlocking the value of many things, also lowering the barrier to transfer that value for all.

it could be scary, it could be beautiful, but it will be full of opportunity, as life should be.