Hello everyone from Switzerland!

I am the CMO of a fintech which came up with a great solution to cash out or pay with ADA in few clicks: Aave Pay

The UX is super cool and smooth, try it :slight_smile:


Hello @maria_magenes! Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Checked out the link, not sure how I feel about it. You know how much the crypto community loves third parties :smile:


On the other hand…I must be blind…I just noticed crypto transfers to fiat :rofl:. For some reason I thought it’s a service to transfer crypto through a third party

Do you charge a small fee for the service? How will you stay competitive in the future with someone creating a Dapp or a smart contract that could replicate this without the fees? The symbol of :ada: would probably be more appropriate than :cardano: for transactions


Yes it’s not to a third party, the crypto is directly converted to fiat and put into the bank account indicated.
We do not charge any fee, our risk is included in the exchange rate calculation.
We will stay competitive because we are getting new licenses and we are introducing more fiat and more crypto in the service.
A Dapp could not do this kind of service, being completely decentralized. To convert to fiat you have to be centralized.
I will ask to change the symbol, thank for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m in love with the webdesign and UX. It’s perplexing in it’s beauty. A long time has passed since i’ve gotten riled up about a web design.

Invigorating colorscheme, i adore the website. Above all, i appreciate the service you are offering. This is a big deal for the space. I wish you all the best in your business endeavor.


Hello and Welcome to the forum and Cardano community! Good stuff! All the best :slight_smile:

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Cool! Welcome to Cardano Forum!

ps: I don’t know if this happens only on my device, but the chat button is over the social media buttons.


Hi @maria_magenes! Where are you based in CH? I’m in Geneva.
Amazing UX by the way! What a really good job. Maybe add a “Sign Up” option next to the “Log in”? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, just taking the liberty to add a few comments:

  • In your 2nd FAQ Question: it’s Indian Rupees, not Ruppes
  • Instead of Cardano, you’ll want to display ADA (which is the currency), Cardano being the company behind. Same with XRP instead of Ripple.

You can hire me anytime, in fact I’m looking for a new challenge here in CH :smiley:
I’m being serious! :slight_smile:

I will check :blush:

Hey! We are in chiasso :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestions! We are not hiring currently :disappointed_relieved: sorry

Hi, @Bullish @CosmosX

I’m the UX Designer at Aave. I’m glad that you guys like the design! It’s makes my day seeing these reply’s about my work.

I took great care in picking the colors and fine tuning the design. At this point we are further optimizing the UX as much as possible to streamline the experience even more for the end user. Stay tuned for future updates.

Thanks again!


Hi checked out the page out and i have two things that i will mention :slight_smile:

  1. Currency loop: I was waiting for “ADA” logo to come back before i was “forced” to push the button after 10-15 sec. This can be a potentional issue for users who are as stupid as me and waits for their currency of choice.

  2. a: Flying money in the footer: Can be annoying as it takes alot of the focus away from the task at hand.
    b: The speed of the flying money is a bit fast to be able to fully understand what it says.

Other than that a slick page.

Best of luck!

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Great to see you joined our forum @YarrrPirate :smile: Welcome! I like giving praise where it’s due, you are definitely a skilled craftsman :sunglasses:.

I’m looking forward to the future updates, any chance you would send me a link in a PM so we can connect on linked-in?

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Welcome to the forum @YarrrPirate!

Very nice UX, beautiful work! Hope you will stick around in our community, we need more talent.

Best, Sean

Thank you!

I’ll just post it public if more members want to connect on LinkedIn.



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Thanks Sean!

I’ll stick around to learn more about Cardano and their nice community! Feel free to add me on LinkedIn as well.

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Bedankt Rowan :wink: