Im from Toyota, Japan. Nice to meet you

I was participating in stake pool(name:PEACH) management from Japan.
I was hospitalized because of illness, but I am back here again.
Can you give me some advice on how to rebuild the recent stake pool management?

Thank you.


Nice to hear you are back @kenichi-satou :fist:
I’m not an SPO but I would recommend you to visit the Telegram channel for that:

Glad you are feeling better!

hey @kenichi-satou, glad you’re out of hospital, wishing you a speedy recovery back to full health!

i’ve been past toyota on the shinkansen, beautiful place!

as for the incentivised test-net, there some good guides here created by the folks at Proof Of Africa pool.

i’m not sure if it’ll be worthwhile creating a pool on there now given that it’s only a few weeks before the haskell test-net/shelly - additionally it appears to be a whole process in transferring from itn to main-net. personally i’m waiting for main-net.

alternatively if you wish to get ahead, you may familiarise yourself with how to set-up the haskell node you can check out the guides here. any questions, just ask the PoA community, they’re super helpful!

Tomorrow, the 9th June, we’re entering a new phase for Cardano. The Shelley public testnet will open up so any operator that wants to set up a #Cardano stake pool can do so, ready for staking and delegation on mainnet later this summer #ShelleyTestnets @Cardano

— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) June 8, 2020