I'm liking Weiss more and more


He only tweeted once more after that about Cardano.

I believe this is going to be the view many will come to rather quickly. Still many may resists learning plutus as a programming language. Time will reveal many things that will end up working out just fine.

I enjoy this project more than other I have followed for several years. This approach seems superior in every way.

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I have the impression they will be tweeting about it over the next couple of days or week.

Next installment:

Here are the rest of the Weiss Tweets:


I’m trying to figure out the set up of the second testnet wallet and am a bit confused. There seems no place to download the new testnet wallet w/o downloading and entire new Daedalus wallet which is already loaded done.

Can you tell me where to get the second testnet wallet? i’m confused as heck about this. maybe it’s because I’m almost a Luddite and don’t work with technology so much.

You are having trouble because I don’t believe the new testnet wallet that enables staking is out yet. Should be in the next several days so watch this space for an announcement!

Here you go!