I'm looking for tutorials

I want to write smart contracts with Plutus. Where can I find good tutorials?
I learned Solidity with https://cryptozombies.io/ and it was awesome. Is there an equivalent for Plutus? if no is it planned? I saw nothing on the roadmap…

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while there is a tutorial on:

a good way to start is learning Haskell:

but also note the differences, as far as I digged into Plutus is not “lazy”, means in Haskell you can output for example a part of an infinite list, this does not work in Plutus.


I just purchased learn you a haskell.

(If you purchase the physical copy. You also get the digital version for free. I haven’t DL’d it yet to a device of choice. If anyone would like a copy of it. Feel free to ask)

I’m glad the link was helpful. How is the digital version different from the free online version?

I’d like to second this question.

You need to learn Haskell first to learn Plutus, else you’ll be extremely lost and annoyed that Haskell has a reasonably strong type system that doesn’t let you get away with much. In my opinion this book is by far the best Haskell resource to start from (though it is a pretty large beast): http://haskellbook.com/

In regards to Plutus there’s currently 2 tutorials from IOHK, though they are incredibly bare bones:

Otherwise I intend to begin releasing some tutorials in the next month or so beginning with some basic smart contracts, so if you’re willing to wait then that should come soon :+1:


Currently still waiting for the order to process actually.

Used PayPal to order it from, Starch Free Press.

Hope the transaction clears soon. As soon as I am able to give it a once over I will let you know.

Fingers crossed for sooner, rather than later.

I’ve also recently discovered an app on the Google store called, “Py” that offers some tutorials on coding Languages. Haskell being one of them.

(Note: still waiting on my confirmation for my book order. In the meantime, I hope the app may be able to help in some way.)

can i have a copy? that would be great if you can send me…thanks alot in advance if you can spare some time to send me,. here is my email:genkarlo@gmail.com.!

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Well you should have messaged it to them instead of put it out for all of us :wink:

Edit: Unless anyone can use that file??

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It really is for anyone that wants to learn.
I’ve never done drop box before.
What do you advise?

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I used it once or twice, I suppose if the file is for everyone then your link is fine where it is, dropbox can be useful for sharing files or storing them, I used it in private with someone.

Anyhow, how many pages is that book? Best of luck with it.

The Cardano Mind Map pointed to this Cardano resource: https://edu.clio.one/


I’ve used cryptozombies & it’s pretty good so far. But didn’t find those kind of in-depth tutorials anywhere else. However, found FinancePolice.com a little worth to try. You won’t found that much quality but still it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve put together a little serie of articles few months ago here: http://cardano-universe.com/.

I haven’t had time to work a lot on it recently, but I might do a serie when the staking testnet goes live as well.

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