I'm trying to use Mallet to access KEVM but can't get into Mallet> I'll post the Error

So Hi … I’m coming over from Solidity/Remix/Ethereum … A LOT TO ABSORB. I followed 3 Videos about running KEVM and IELE via Mallet> It has taken about 20 hours to get to the “./mallet kevm -d -demo or -data” command … B.I.N.G.O. I am into Mallet> for a split second then dumped back to the project directory with this Error Message CANNOT READ PROPERTIES OF UNDEFINED (READING ‘AddListener’ … Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! So CLOSE. H PS If we could solve this then I’ve got a simple DeFi DApp to load = HELP

Thanks for the Interest so far … Any thoughts at All ? If I can’t make Mallet work what would be the next Logical Steps for learning and understanding migrating Myself and my very small DeFi Prototype DApp from Ethereum Solidity Remix to a Cardano TestNet ? Hard to know where to start … Say Hi though … I’ll be part of this Forum once I’ve got my skills up H

PS I might have to reinstall Node again again again. Any experiences with setting up the Environment to best make Cardano TestNets work ? Are most People using Full Linux ? I’m using BASH and should install MAKE and CURL But on’t really know what they are ? There seems to be Dependencies that are less commercial than I found over on Ethereum. Any thoughts and opinions ? H

Hi, I see that this Thread has been Viewed a few times. Any ideas ? I am trying to complete this Tutorial/ Instructions below but I can’t get the Commands to run.

1/ Are the Commands still valid ? 2/ What experiences do People have setting up a Linux Environment ? Any pointers helpful … So far I have spent 4x5hr sessions on this. IT IS A MESS .If half ran once. 3/ Success anywhere ? H

The information in that tutorial appears about 6 months outdated so debugging the node and likely updating dependencies is in order. I do not have any experience with mallet and kevm but I figured I would at least drop a reply. Without any information about the error you encountered or what you have tried so far the probability or someone making a wildly accurate guess about your environment configuration issues on the forum is very low. This is likely part of the reason why there has been no replies as yet …

Hi The Dude … WELL SUCCESS … But the App itself isn’t totally working now. Thanks for you interest … Here is the Error.

mallet> getBalance()
Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: “404 page not found\n”
at Object.InvalidResponse (/mnt/c/mallet/lib/web3/web3/errors.js:38:16)
at HttpProvider.send (/mnt/c/mallet/lib/web3/web3/httpprovider.js:102:18)
at RequestManager.send (/mnt/c/mallet/lib/web3/web3/requestmanager.js:65:32)
at Eth.send [as getBalance] (/mnt/c/mallet/lib/web3/web3/method.js:145:58)
at Mallet.getBalance (/mnt/c/mallet/lib/mallet.js:238:26)

Tell me about Yourself a bit. What have you been learning. Are you ONLY interested in Cardano ? I nearly deployed my little Prototype DApp to the Ethereum Mainnet but luckily the Gas Fees were too much. I’m calling it MyLockedSafeDepositBox.sol but it wasn’t safe and anybody could have withdrawn the Ether. Well once the TimeLock had run out. Now I am testing it with some friends in Eastern Europe … What about you ? H

Sounds like you were able to create and select a wallet account successfully if you made it all the way to the getBalance() call. Maybe try listAccounts() and currentAccount() to make sure it spits out the expected ETH addresses? Sorry I am not more helpful. I experimented briefly with Ethereum in the past but have since given up on trying to use it for anything. Perhaps ETH 2.0 will resolve the gas fees in a couple years …

As far as introductions go I am working on an edutainment game for Cardano but I won’t be launching the initial version until next year as far as I can tell from my current progress. Cardano has the first and possibly best proof of stake protocol thus far but it also has a fairly brutal learning curve from a development standpoint if you come from a more object oriented background like myself. Things will get somewhat easier once PAB is fully integrated with popular wallets hopefully.

Hi The Dude, I’m coming back to IT after about a 20 Year Break …Where do the Floppy Disks go now ? 1/ Once I have KEVM working for me I’ll probably be able to run my DApp on it. It is a pretty simple SET then GIVE AWAY your Ether or Ada routine … Well hopefully NOT. 2/ My feeling is that the Server providing the Test ADA has a problem as I managed some interactions but NOT with the Faucet. 3/ I was pretty disappointed as I have really bust a Gut trying to get this working. 4/ The World will be my Development Oyster then AS LONG AS I ONLY HAVE TO RUN ONE PIECE OF CODE !!! H

Indeed, I still have some old floppies in a closet somewhere. The only constant thing is change and this is definitely an interesting time for it.

If you aren’t finding what you need from the documentation or the forum another resource to check out is the Cardano stack exchange: https://cardano.stackexchange.com/

Good luck with the learning and experimentation!

Thanks again for that Pointer … I’ve an Offer for you … For 10 Weeks I fought with Solidity, Remix and Metamask and eventually deployed my little Lock It Up On Ethereum MainNet DeFi DApp … Now I am starting to do the same on Cardano.

Would you be willing to code similar for me in Plutus ? My was 35 lines of Code including spacing. It’d help me learn but it’d need to be the real thing and deployable. NO WARRANTY NEEDED or ASKED FOR.

A Live Fire Training Exercise. 1/ Function 1 - Deploy and Deposit Time Locked Ada 2/ Function 2 - Withdraw (back only to Deployer) once Timelock has expired. A.S.A.That … We could all learn … H PS I have a direct Top Up Function and a Transfer in from Third Party Wallet Function (because I am a Pro) … We can email if you like. I’m just trying to do something real but simple to test and experience Cardano