Incentive on running testnet?

Is there incentive people are going to get if they are running and testing testnet?

I read somewhere that in phase two, we shall connect all the testnet and do the testing to identify the issues, on that time people can get an incentive? Is it correct?

The incentive is to get to know the software. “Incentives” in terms of “rewards” in the phase 3 of the testnet means test-ADA with zero value.

No, there will not be any monetary incentive directly if you participate to the testnet!

But if you participate and between all cardano community experimenting with the test net, we would eventually make the protocol more resilient! Which somehow would impact positively the monetary value of the coin therefore there will be a gain for the whole cardano ecosystem and that my friend is the incentive!

Thanks, all clear. I love Cardano :slight_smile:


Isn’t there a more appropriate forum for that? You’ll be lucky if anyone around here knows.

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