Shelly Testnet V3 Rewards!

Hello all:)
So I’ve downloaded the newest version of the Test net wallet. It is very fast and smooth, and I just love the layout, colors, everything. I’ve loaded it with 200,000 T-ADA, and the rewards are huge-2,159.00
T-ADA within a 24 hour period. The official Cardano staking calculator on the staking.cardano shows 9,272 for holding 200,000 ADA-FOR THE YEAR. Anyone have any understanding of why this test wallet is showing much greater rewards?
I’m on the ZEN Stake pool with 0% cost per epoch.
Thank you for any responses!

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epochs are 6 hrs long in the test net whereas they will be 5 days long in the main net.

Thank you Winkie… knew it had to be too good to be true…

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And its a testnet. The software is legit, but variables like staking reward can be completely out-of-whack.

Yeah. 2 days later and with staking 200K I’m at 34K in rewards. Wish it was closer to real rewards as this would confuse and overly excite newbies to Cardano.

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But thank you for reply!

Hello Carmmunity,

did we get those rewards from the V3 in Real like in the first version?

Would be nice, wouldn’t it ?
But no. :slight_smile:

It would be really nice :smile: Thanks for the quick answer :nerd_face:

Hello. what ada wallet you use?

It’s also because there are few nodes compare to what is to be expected with the mainnet.

Hence, every nodes produce more blocks than what they will with mainnet.

Thank you Raspool

The newest V3 test net, purple. With 200K faucet T-ADA

Did you replenish your ADA with the wallet that was in V3 wallet or did you restore the wallet with the balance ADA? I can’t replenish my V3 wallet, writes that the data is not correct. I tried to do recovery by 12 phrases, a wallet with a balance and also without success, the balance of ADA is not displayed, although there is a coin on the wallet.

Also, I tried to restore the ITN wallet into my Shelly Wallet, but the option for 15 word pass phrase was not there. only 12 or 24.