Reward Wallet in Testnet

After having a successful Testnet launch and confirmation of ADA I downloaded the Testnet rewards wallet.

Anyone else try this?

It did not sync. never has. I’m wondering if anyone knows about how this wallet and nodes function. Is the “Rewards Wallet” functional and should it sync? Windows 10 operating system.

The testnet wallet seems to be very unstable. It frequently try s to re-sync.

Yes same here i send my ADA from the Snapshoot to the reward walled but it not arrived there.

Had the same problem,just takes a bit of time

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Thanks for the reply.

It’s hilarious the Rewards Wallet is syncing blocks backwards started counting from 98% to 93% all the way to 0% I guess and then I have to see what happens. And in the mean time my dashboard is not accessible. I feel very helpless now.

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its a testnet dude :slight_smile: they are fixing some of the bigger problem with the next update.

but exactly for that reason we have that testnet.

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In Deadelus Rewards wallet I do get a message: Socket hang up, Code: ECONNRESET
Does anyone know what that means?

Communication failure. Probably best to restart the program and if it happens again restart the computer.

Ah OK thanks I’ll try that to see if it works

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I am using cardano-wallet and it is working fine.