Incentivized onboarding: helping new user clear blockchain "Barriers to entry"

In Project Catalyst Fund 9, the “Grow Africa Grow Cardano” campaign called for projects with solutions to Cardano infrastructure and education concerns in Africa. The campaign goals were onboarding new Cardano users in Africa and forging new partnerships on the continent. Success metrics were looking for numbers of new users and local impact.

Lido Nation took aim at the bulls-eye of this campaign with a project called Swahili Learn to Earn. This project capitalized on our existing library of Cardano educational content, and the work we had already started translating that content into Swahili, one of the most widely-spoken languages in Africa. Inspired by the learning modules on the Coinbase app, where users can take short learning modules to earn crypto, we built a similar application on where Swahili speaking users could learn about Cardano and earn ada and achievement badge NFTs.

This project aimed high, hoping to onboard hundreds of new Cardano users in southeast Africa, and to seed those wallets with more than $9K worth of ada in rewards, along with achievement badge NFTs.

To measure our results, we looked at numbers of registered users, numbers of wallets, numbers of staked wallets, quiz engagement, rewards delivered, as well as web traffic results on the website that reveal which countries are participating. The app went live in mid-May 2023; we are only 4 weeks in, and my fears about attracting users were for naught. The first week saw 30 users - a good start. I merely hoped we might double that number in the next week - but instead it tripled! Growth has been steady since then, with new learners registering every day.

To read more about this project and some of the considerations around incentivized onboarding, see the full article at
Can new blockchain users be incentivized to clear the “barriers to entry” in Africa? | Lido Nation English