"Learn to Earn" onboarding model -- results exceeding expectations!

The Project Catalyst funded “Swahili Learn to Earn” project provided funding for Lido Nation to build a Swahili language Cardano education program with 75 modules and quizzes.

In many ways, this project was both a proof of concept and an experiment.

The stated goals of the project were to onboard HUNDREDS of new Cardano users in Africa, opening brand new wallets, seeding those wallets with a little bit of ada, and educating the users about blockchain, Cardano, and how they could participate in the ecosystem, including in Project Catalyst.

As of this writing, all the deliverables of the project have been met. Check out the full write-up on our results in:

  • Site Traffic & Geographic Reach
  • Learners Registered
  • Wallets & Staking
  • Quizzes & Learning
  • Rewards Distribution