Incoherent data: jcli vs Cardano explorer


I’ve been running a Cardano staking pool for a few months now, and I start to produce a block from time to time. But there is something I do not understand very well.

./jcli rest v0 leaders logs get -h

Should show me all blocks to be validated or already validated, during the current epoch, right?

Unfortunately, it does not seem consistent with Cardano explorer (, for me. For example in the current epoch 152, jcli does not display a block that I have already validated in this epoch (according to cardano explorer). And conversely jcli says I was scheduled to produce a block and did produced one, on a slot where actually someone else did produce the block according to Cardano explorer, so I could not have been the leader.

- created_at_time: "2020-05-14T03:14:23.223837708+00:00"
  enclave_leader_id: 1
  finished_at_time: "2020-05-14T12:11:27.020508078+00:00"
  scheduled_at_date: "152.30535"
  scheduled_at_time: "2020-05-14T12:11:27+00:00"
      block: 5d0b3496e472492ea3c819665dde62c0ec72608802d60447d3d6b8832b971500
      chain_length: 547990
      parent: 05086a3f509f05ef3ccb733e38e38f1d24073c3bef5fa072597a857e5ff05df2
  wake_at_time: "2020-05-14T12:11:27.004932969+00:00"

(I am not SCAN1 stakepool)
I have hard time understanding. Could someone please explain to me what I don’t understand.

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The local leader log has garbage collection for slots in the past, the Shelley Explorer only shows blocks that have established themselves in the blockchain, hence the deviations you have observed.

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