Interesting article on Libra from Bloomberg


The easier way for Facebook to make this properly it would be to make a fork of Cardano and open up their own community, or making his coin inside the Cardano ecosystem, which I think is what many other altcoins will do once Cardano is proven to be more efficient than all of them (even maybe a part of bitcoin come to become a token inside the Cardano blockchain).
I really feel like a Carnano maximalist some days (Adamalist). Imagine maybe in 10 years blockchain becoming synonym with Ouroboros.

Who are they kidding. This is all by design. This is the one world currency the elites will use to usher in the social credit score everywhere. I’m joking but am I? lol

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The tricky part is in the value of the Libra (think marketcap) would be “backed” by financial assets! remember the subprime crisis?
I picture the big banks dumping all their crap in exchange for Libras as if their crap was pure gold. Thus, persuading people to accept their crap at gold prices when they accept Libra at such value.
Unfortunately, I also picture the most of the people falling for the scam.

The point that cracks me up is that Libra is not removing the middlemen. It’s just clubbing them together and making a bigger MIDDLEMAN out of them, shrouding them with all the crypto jargon and trying to ride the wave started by bitcoin and altcoins.

This recipe is a disaster!

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