Open letter to reject Facebook coin

I enjoyed this read:


LOL reject for what? Trying to make some business with crypto junk, finally some meaningful initiative!

To each his own! Personally I see Libra as antithetical to everything I believe in, however I do think it will serve the purpose of on-boarding millions of people into Crypto who otherwise wouldn’t. This is the hardest part of getting in to the space, so for that I say thanks.


Yes for only that one purpose and that’s it.

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Same. This is almost bound to help promote mass adoption of (“real”) crypto.

Real crypto is bitcoin, everything else is variant of the algorithm, with main purpose to sell tulips for FIAT.
In spite of major functionality improvements, business wise, no currency went beyond speculation and money laundering ,all under excuse of ultimate privacy.

Let see if Libra bring any good.

Face book coin is wechat for the west

I will never use Zuckbucks and would advise friends against it but, if it at least makes more people aware of the idea of cryptocurrency (even though Libra is not a good example), it may be a good thing in the long run.

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