Intersect - Cardano Governance

In hopes of Growing the Cardano family stronger in the Middle East and North Africa region, further cementing Cardano as the leading state-of-the-art blockchain project.

Intersect is a newly established member-based organization within the Cardano ecosystem. It serves as a platform for Cardano members and associated individuals to participate in governance and various operational aspects of the Cardano blockchain. With over 700 members and growing rapidly, Intersect organizes committees and working groups for members to contribute to the development of Cardano’s future. Some examples include the Technical Steering Committee, Civics Committee, Membership Committee, and Open Source Committee. Intersect operates as a nonprofit entity, with decisions and actions driven by its members rather than a traditional corporate structure. Membership is open to anyone interested, and individuals can sign up through the Intersect website. Looking ahead to 2024, key milestones include enhancing governance mechanisms, fostering community engagement, and further developing Cardano’s open-source ecosystem.

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