Interview and updates with Micha and Jay from Butane, the latest synthetics protocol on Cardano

One of the protocols I’m excited about seeing launch is Butane, a new synthetics protocol almost ready to launch on Mainnet. With their recent wildly successful token sale, it is obvious that many others are excited, too.

They’re bringing some innovations to Cardano DeFi and the entire blockchain space, with multi-action transactions and other optimisation levels that will make trading and capital efficient.

You can create a synthetic in a CDP, take action on it, and redeem it. Then, list the token created on a DEX all-in-one action.

In this interview with Micha and Jay, we gain insights into their protocol and some of the issues and roadblocks they’ve encountered along their journey.

We also review some of their new development work and upcoming Project Catalyst proposals for new tooling for Cardano developers to make DApp development easier.

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