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Today’s guest on the Cardano DeFi column is not just a wallet, but an all-encompassing dApp that enables users to be better educated, make smarter decisions and have all the necessary information at hand: Tokeo.

The previous guest was the biggest DEX aggregator that on average processes more than half of Cardano DeFi volume.

This column is where I invite Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects to introduce themselves and share their vision, allowing me to connect with and learn about the Cardano Ecosystem.

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Thanks so much for having us on. Our founders are based in Australia, 3 in Byron Bay and 1 in Canberra.

  • Simon Canill / MagicFlow has 20+ years in consumer and enterprise technologies with an emphasis on business analysis, solution architecture, and product development and 3 years hands-on product development in blockchain technologies.
  • Stephen Giderson / Geedo has 25+ years of experience as a technologist, entrepreneur and business-building professional focusing on initial architecture to developing systems for growth and fulfilment.
  • Zushan Hashmi /Shaz is an expert at building strategic partnerships, marketing strategy and business development in Web 3. 8+ years across government, academia and consultancy specialising in Policy development and marketing and communications. He is also the founder of Danketsu
  • James Stocks / JDS is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years in the tech industry delivering creative and professional technology solutions.

The Tokeo team also consists of an incredible set of staff in the Development space, marketing and community management with the following team members:

  • Developers: Gavin Harris (Lead Dev), Chase Donovan (Senior Dev), Oleanji Olamiliean (Frontend Dev), Luxbug (Junior Dev)
  • Marketing: Udit Gandhi (Social Media/Marketing Lead), Disastrid (Community Manager)

What is Tokeo and how do you differ from the many other wallets out there?

The beauty of Tokeo is that it is not just a wallet… The wallet deliverable is one part of a very large roadmap that is an all-encompassing dApp that enables you to be better educated, make smarter decisions, have all the necessary information at hand, increase your efficiency when trading or analysing trends and doing so in a safe and secure manner.

A great example of this is the various integrations we will already have upon going live:

  • Coinbase Pay for on-and-off ramping from fiat to crypto and vice versa
  • Xerberus risk ratings to provide safety and risk ratings to our customers
  • DexHunter integration for in-app Native token trading
  • YouTube feeds with all your favourite content creators to get instant updates and education

Soon we will be integrating the Maya Protocol which enables cross-chain swaps, and also expanding to other UTxO chains, followed by EVM.

Moreover, Tokeo also has its own in-house NFT aggregation tool, which enables you to trade, swap, list and delist, accept and make collections offers for your NFTs. What this means is you don’t have to resort to your dApp browser for everything, flick through pricing and offers on JPG.STORE or wayup. Instead, you receive everything within the dApp to make the best decisions when trading digital collectibles.

That is our ethos as far as every new feature on Tokeo goes. Make sure it is the cleanest, most secure and most efficient product deliverable.

How is Tokeo funded? What guarantees can you give that the wallet will be updated and supported into the future?

We are quite fortunate to have invested in the product ourselves, as founders, and also received funding from multiple individual investors from across and beyond Cardano, and also VCs such as Supermassive.

Additionally, we have a large team of highly experienced professionals with multiple successful businesses, and business exits over the last 20 years.

It’s as simple as this, why spend the last 7 months building out arguably one of the smoothest, smartest and most secure dApps on Cardano with no revenue, if we were going to disappear?

Our team is also fully doxxed (not that it matters much nowadays), we’re a fully-functioning business entity and have individuals in our founding team and staff who have prominent reputations within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond it.

Seeing the many hacks and scams in the crypto world, what assurances can you provide users that their assets are safe when using Tokeo?

Is Tokeo open source? Who is auditing the code?

This is a very relevant point and of utmost importance to us at Tokeo.

We’re in the process of conducting an ISO27001 audit. It is the leading international standard focused on information security. The ISO27001 provides companies with guidelines to protect valuable information and allows them to certify their data security to customers and partners.

Through this we not only build a robust security system within Tokeo that enables our Web3 customers and users to better trust and utilise our dApp, but also abide by global security standards and vetting, which enables us to progress and build out Tokeo for a much larger audience, as is our intention/goal.

Furthermore, this aspect of our product will also be fully open-source, as a means to enable the community to audit it themselves too, if they wish to do so.

Amazing. Any closing thoughts? Where can people learn more about Tokeo?

Well, firstly, thanks for having us on to chat!

We’re days away from going live on iOS, and will follow suit pretty quickly on Android afterwards.

As a part of our roadmap, we will also launch our desktop version and are simultaneously working on BTC and Doge integration (as a part of our UTxO chain expansion).

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