Interview - Cardano NFTs #060: The Working Dead

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Today’s Cardano NFT project is a project on a mission to build an innovative web3 learning platform which we aspire to be the Udemy of web3: The Working Dead.

The previous guest was a project focusing on advancing QR code technology and implementing it into a range of industries, including use-cases for QR codes within Web 3.

This column is where I invite NFT projects to share their stories and vision as a way to connect with and learn about the Cardano Community.

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Thanks for having us. The Working Dead is primarily led by a small UK-based team of Cardano and blockchain enthusiasts with a passion for developing innovative tech.

Sean, who is the founder of the project takes a lead on all day-to-day operations including developing our learning platform. He is a full-stack developer with almost a decade of experience building production ready software.

What is The Working Dead? How are you utilizing NFTs and why have you chosen Cardano?

The Working Dead is an NFT project which was founded on Cardano in January 2022.

We set out on a mission to build an innovative web3 learning platform which we aspire to be the Udemy of web3.

Our platform is and holding the NFTs allows holders to earn revenue from the platform fees, accumulate daily rewards, reduced course prices and the ability to participate in unique vault events to stake their $WORK.

Can you expand on what “worked” is? What problem does it solve?

We noticed a gap in the market. A problem in Cardano which we felt we could solve. At the time of launching there was only a small pool of developers who had the skills to write smart contracts and build on Cardano.

It has always been difficult to find a central resource for all things web3. We want to bring the knowledge to the people of web3. Become the hub for sharing information with a fair and unique monetisation model and a resource for everyone in the space to learn and skill up themselves.

What does the future hold? Where do you envision The Working Dead and worked?

We knew that building a platform from scratch with these solid foundations and architecture was too good to be restricted to one chain. The backbone for the platform is our Cardano native token $WORK, however we aspire to be a completely cross-chain platform, allowing all users to connect with their preferred wallet of choice.

The end goal is an all-chain mobile compatible platform with a massive catalogue of courses about skilling up in web3 and staying safe by reputable instructors. Providing a unique monetisation model for instructors and rewarding our NFT holders.

If successful, will be a massive opportunity to onboard to Cardano and educate about the technology.

Great contribution. Any closing thoughts? Where can people stay in touch?

This year we’ve delivered the cross-chain mobile compatible platform Next year we initiate our expansion plan.

We will be creating whitelabelled versions of the platform for ambassadors of the platform under the service

We also plan to expand our wallet support for Solana which will allow any Cardano, Solana or Ethereum wallet to connect to our platform and start learning and earning!

Keep in the loop with our regular updates in the Discord server.

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