Interview - Cardano NFTs #059: QRdano

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Today’s Cardano NFT project is focusing on advancing QR code technology and implementing it into a range of industries, including use-cases for QR codes within Web 3: QRdano.

The previous guest was an artist specializing in gestural abstract art, drawing inspiration from his fascination with the financial markets.

This column is where I invite NFT projects to share their stories and vision as a way to connect with and learn about the Cardano Community.

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Thanks for having us!

Our core team is made up of myself (HoopToIt, AKA Dion), Slave2TheScreen, and Qwade. We are all based in Australia.

Slave2TheScreen and Qwade have backgrounds in various developer roles. As for me, I have a background in mental health work, focusing on project development and management, team building, and creative design.

We also have Ero, our artist (who is originally from New Zealand but currently living in Australia), Vlad our community manager (from Macedonia), and our moderatorsTheAudioDidact (USA), TheBDizzle (USA) and SofioJames (Philippines).

I (HoopToIt) am the primary founder and creator of the project, first conceptualising the idea in September 2021. Since then, Slave2TheScreen, Qwade, and I have been building and growing the project to what it is today.

What is QRdano and why did you choose Cardano over other blockchains?

QRdano focuses on advancing QR code technology and implementing it into a range of industries, with a particular focus on the use-cases for QR codes within Web 3. The main advancements we have made on QR codes is the ability to incorporate any image within a QR code. This has significant implications from a marketing/brand-recognition perspective, as well as identification and security use-cases.

We see the benefits of incorporating proven technology from the Web 2 space (i.e. QR codes) into Web 3 as not only ideal to grow Web 3, but also as a conduit for onboarding the masses into the Web 3 space.

We chose Cardano because the technological aspects of the chain are ideal for many of the use-cases we are exploring. Additionally, we feel that the opportunities for growth and development is significantly underappreciated with Cardano, and hence the potentials are abundant.

What kind of synergy do you envision between NFTs and QR codes? How are you utilising these technologies?

The potential synergies between QR codes and NFTs are significant. Firstly, QR codes are already utilised in many areas of Web 3, hence being able to incorporate such QR codes onto the blockchain itself has considerable applications.

Additionally, the ability to utilise QR codes in proof of ownership protocols can have immense potential for identification and secure connections when connected with NFTs. Other prospects we are exploring is the ability for NFTs to be linked with real life items, and QR codes (both on and off chain) assisting with proof of ownership and identification.

We cannot go into too many specifics without revealing proprietary information at this stage, but we are actively exploring the feasibility of many of these synergistic connections between NFTs and QR codes, both within and external to Web 3.

What does the future hold? What can you share about what you’re working on?

Currently we are in the final stages of building out our platform that will allow for automated creation of dynamic QR codes (which can be altered and dynamically updated) with the use of our specific technology that incorporates any image within a QR code.

This technology is relatively new, and specific methods we are advancing we believe will be the next iteration of QR codes that will be seen everywhere. We have recently secured patents for the technology being developed within Australia and are applying for international patents as we speak. We are actively building marketing partnerships, while continuing to grow the technology of the QR code products.

We have structured plans to integrate this technology within a number of services within Web 3 (primarily on Cardano), with partnerships being forged as we speak. This will largely occur once our platform is at a more automated level.

Great contribution. Any closing remarks? Where can people learn more about QRdano?

We have our primary NFT collection (that is currently minting for 15 ADA at the time of writing these answers) that is focused on community-building related to interactive lore, as well as two utility NFTs. These NFTs will be gateways to using our platform, including discounted or even free access.

We are really excited about the technological advancements we are developing and are keen for the Cardano community to see the true potential of what we are creating.

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