I have a great idea and I need help building an application on the Cardano network

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum, but I have been in IT for about 17 years. I am pretty technically inclined and I have built simple programs and my own ERC-20 token, and I have some really good ideas and imagination lol!

I need a program that can record data at one endpoint, say an iPad, and that data lives on the blockchain and a person’s digital wallet, and can be able to he retrieved and verified by another endpoint, say another iPad, that the data is correct and untampered with. I know this is the premise of the distributed ledger, but I need an app to app verification of that data. Cardano is one of my favorite projects and I am very excited about Goguen and the enabling of smart contracts. Rather than try to build this on the Eth network, I want it to be Powered by Cardano.

I also want a rolling QR code that cannot be screenshot, and it can work almost like an RSA or Google Authenticator code where a screenshot wont work, but the Live Wallet QR code will be able to access the data from the 1st endpoint to verify.

Can anyone help me put this together? Obviously the other details we can talk in private about, but I think this is a great idea and project, and has the ability to help alot of people. I believe we can secure the funding to make this happen, and the right network connections to make this work.

If you are interested or have any questions,. please let me know.



You should get involved with Project Catalyst:


Not sure if this helps but regarding QR code tech check out the company that is working with the Cardano Foundation on a wine tracking ap:

More info on the QR code tech here:


Thank you! Yes I signed up last night but it looks like the submission for this rounds ended at the end of January. I will try again when it opens up but I am outlining and laying out the framework of what I want and need to accomplish. Thank you!

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