Interview - Cardano NFTs #068: WALKERS

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Today’s guest on the Cardano NFT column is a project that seamlessly combines GameFi elements with its innovative “move to earn” model: WALKERS.

The previous guest was a gaming innovation studio that focuses on building highly engaging game experiences that intersect with blockchain and AI technology.

This column is where I invite NFT projects to share their stories and vision as a way to connect with and learn about the Cardano Community.

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Hey there, glad to be here! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to tell you more about Walkers. We come from all over the world! Let me introduce our team.

First up, it’s me, Ivana Zafirovski, the founder of Walkers. I’m 37 years old, a mom to a 10-year-old girl, and happily married for a decade. I work as an architect and have been involved with Cardano for almost four years now. I’m from North Macedonia in South East Europe.

Our team has been steadily growing since we started. Let’s meet our members:

  • Stefan Jakimovski is our Product Manager. He’s 31 years old and a software engineer with a master’s degree in E-business management. Stefan has been in the Product Owner/Manager role for a few years now, working on various mobile applications. He’s from North Macedonia too.
  • Next, we have Karlo Kelecic, our Lead Artist. Karlo is a Concept Artist/Illustrator with experience in startups and agencies. He’s currently freelancing on projects and resides in Sweden, originally from Croatia.
  • Bojan Mitevski handles UX/UI and Motion Graphics. He’s a graphic designer with a passion for motion and owns a studio for illustrations and animations. Bojan is also from North Macedonia.
  • Handling our marketing efforts is our amazing Ruben Duarte, who hails from Portugal. With over a decade of experience in partnerships and project management, Ruben is passionate about web3 technologies.
  • Diogo Menezes, our 3D Designer, brings almost a decade of experience in interior and product design. He’s worked with top architecture offices in Portugal and specializes in 3D software.

We also have companies like Puzzle Solutions for development and administration needs, and Motionally Studio for branded animations and illustrations.

For our tokenomics and blockchain developments, we work with Noma Tokenomics and Yepple.

Together, we’re excited to bring Walkers to life and make a positive impact in the Cardano community!

What is WALKERS? How are you integrating NFT technology?

Walkers is a Cardano-based NFT project that seamlessly combines GameFi elements. Its innovative “move to earn” model uniquely rewards holders based on the distance they walked. Holders of WalkersCNFT are empowered to accumulate XP, earning valuable points that can be exchanged for $WLK tokens and additional partner tokens or coins


Main collection featuring four distinct character archetypes: Man, Woman, Hybrids, and Supernaturals, over 250 unique traits.

Part of six factions: Electric immortals, Binary minds, Fixers, Glow wave, Code shifters, Neon hive

Witness the evolution of this collection through future project phases, including the introduction of offspring resulting from character breeding.

Cyberpunk-inspired story, intricately designed to showcase the nuanced traits of each character.

Within our ecosystem, the comic book unfolds a narrative rich in lore, providing a glimpse into characters’ lives within the labyrinth.

Healthy Lifestyle

Motivating users to integrate walking into their daily lives.

Elevate your lifestyle through real-world partnerships, Walkers access to discounted prices of healthy food brands, sport brands, affiliate programs…

Fitness routine with accessible exercise programs designed for home workouts.

Nutritionist program offers personalized meal plans based on users’ blood types and daily activities.


Step into the future with our GameFi platform, the Labyrinth, where you’ll tackle missions and challenges set in the year 3030, uncovering hidden treasures along the way in connection with real life (Augmented reality will take every user into a world never seen before).

Socialization and community building

Engage in daily activities, from marathons and races to collaborative problem-solving, fostering robust community connections.

Why Cardano?

WalkersCNFT is currently undergoing dynamic development, guided and shaped by the active participation and governance of our vibrant Walkers community. We envision Walkers expanding on other blockchains, with the ultimate goal of fostering mass adoption on Cardano.

Cardano stands as a blockchain designed for change-makers, innovators, and visionaries. It equips users with the necessary tools and technologies to not only empower the few but also create opportunities for the many, fostering positive global change.

Our conviction lies in the belief that Cardano will undergo continuous evolution,
and we are enthusiastic about actively contributing to this evolution
through our ongoing developments.

By choosing to grow and build on Cardano, we position ourselves to be integral
contributors to the blockchain growth
, aligning with our commitment to
positive global impact and innovation.

What guarantees can you give to users that their geo-location data is secure and remains private?

We’ve got a legal team dedicated to Walkers, ensuring everything we do is above board. Our website and our app features a privacy policy.

Ever since the Walkers app launched last year, we’ve been operating as a legal entity, with every development and launch thoroughly reviewed by our legal experts.

Rest assured, we prioritise privacy. We don’t collect geolocation data from users and they explicitly approve it when logging into the app. All that a user must do to use Walkers app is just to connect with a Cardano wallet. That’s why we can confidently say that Walkers is one of the safest walking apps out there.

What role does the $WLK token play in your ecosystem? How can people earn it?

$WLK token is a utility token that serves as the main currency in the WalkersCNFT ecosystem (Electricity generators, main collection mint, single staking, loot boxes, boosts, revive drinks, breeding, discount coupons for IRL partnerships, exercise programs, nutritionist, etc).

It is a Cardano native token that serves as a governance token too, allowing the community to have a say in decisions and investments through voting on the Walkers website. Users can earn rewards by incorporating physical activity, socialising, and gaming into their daily routines.

The MVP version of the walking app is just the beginning; our vision includes expansion to other ecosystems, aiming for mass adoption on Cardano.

The Walkers ecosystem thrives on blockchain partnerships, partnerships with healthy food brands, sport brands, affiliate programs, influencers marketing with referral initiatives, involving the community in sustainable growth.

Our commitment extends to a healthy lifestyle, GameFi experiences, and community building through marathons, races, and tasks.

To use the Walkers app and earn rewards, simply download it from the App Store or Play Store. You must have a Cardano Native wallet with either WalkPass or an Electricity generator.

WalkPasses are highly valued in the Walkers ecosystem with only 350 supply, while Electricity generators are not NFTs and are monitored in Walkers database.

During the initial $WLK presale, 10% of the token supply was available for purchase using partner tokens/coins. This helped create initial pools in the reward wallet in Walkers ecosystem. We ensure the sustainability of partnership project tokens in the reward wallet with the unlimited mint of electricity generators…

All partner project tokens are utilised in the Walkers ecosystem, and as the partnership network grows, so do the rewards. This means that every user not only earns $WLK tokens but also partner tokens. Users can accumulate points and level up in the Walkers app by walking daily and completing tasks.

Users begin earning $WLK and partner tokens once they reach level 5. They can start swapping tokens at level 5 and continue to do so with each subsequent level. The unique aspect of this walking app is that users earn 2,997,003 $WLK plus partner tokens at every level, which is roughly equivalent to $100 USD.

We launched a referral program for electricity generators where anyone can earn rewards by sharing their personal referral link. Referrers receive 5 ADA and $WLK 66,600 tokens for each successful referral.

We have one of the highest APR farms on Minswap and will soon launch a single stake $WLK. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with other projects are continuously boosting rewards for Walkers.

We would like to note that we are currently in the early stages of developing the Walkers app, known as the MVP version. We are continuously improving and expanding the Walkers ecosystem. Since the app was launched, we have made 10 upgrades and are working on creating more opportunities for users to earn rewards and level up within the system more efficiently.

Great contribution. Any final thoughts? Where can people stay in touch?

The Walkers App introduces the pioneering Walk2Earn model on Cardano. Walkers is currently undergoing dynamic development, guided and shaped by the active participation and governance of our community.

To stay in touch with Walkers via

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