Introducing Astarter Stake Pool [AA1]

[AA1] is the first Astarter official public stake pool.

In Astarter ISPO Stage1, ADA hodlers can delegate to [AA1] pool to earn Cardano native token–AA token.

Take a look at the following, you will easily learn details of Astarter ISPO.

There have two stages in Astarter ISPO:
Stage1- Delegate ADA to the Public Astarter Stake Pool [AA1] to earn AA
Stage2- Delegate ADA to [AA1] or Astarter Merge Stake Pools and merge stake AA on Astarter launchpad to earn AA on top of ADA

Stage1-- Astarter Public Stake Pool [AA1]

1)ISPO Stage1 Basics:

  • ISPO Token Allocation: 500,000 AA.
  • Basic Reward: 1000 Staked ADA = 0.5 AA per epoch.
  • Duration: 30 epochs, ≥ Epoch 366 - ≤ Epoch 396.
  • Stage1 start on: 27, Sep, 2022, ≥ Epoch 366.
  • Stage1 end by: 24, Feb, 2023, ≤ Epoch 396.

2)ISPO Stage1 Rewards Bonus:

Early Staking Reward:

The early staking reward is a small bonus for early delegators who were delegating ADA pre-ISPO (Before Epoch 370) for their faithful support of the Astarter ISPO protocol.

In the early staking period, users who delegate 1000 ADA to the “AA1” pool will earn 0.55AA per epoch.

Epoch Duration reward:

Users can earn up to a 20% bonus if they delegate the “AA1” pool for 26+ epochs.
26+ EPOCHs: Full Moon (base reward+20%).
16–25 EPOCHs: Waxing Gibbous (base reward+10%).
6–15 EPOCHs: First Quarter (base reward+5%).
1–5 EPOCHs: Waxing Crescent (base reward)

3)ISPO Stage1 Guideline
You will quickly know how to participate in our ISPO stage1 by checking this medium blog.

Stage2–Astarter Merge Staking Protocol
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Check out Astarter ISPO Website.

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