Interview with Marvin Bertin from Maestro an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) service company

For many projects in the crypto space, one of the processes that they go through is fund raising via an Initial Coin Offering or through a launchpad with an Initial Distribution Offering.

Cardano is unique in the ecosystem in that the stake pool protocol is flexible enough to allow for projects to run private pools with a 100% margin fee, and claim all of the ADA rewards from the delegate to the pool. This can then be used to fund their project. On the other side, delegates give up these rewards but not their initial stake of ADA and in exchange get various tokens that are a part of the project’s ecosystem.

Marvin Bertin, CEO and Co-Founder of Maestro joins me to talk about their ISPO service platform where they manage a turn key solution for anyone that is interested in running an ISPO. They manage all the technical aspects of the ISPO allowing you to concentrate on community building and everything else needed to run a successful ISPO.

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