Overview of Cardano projects with participation in token harvesting as a stake pool operator

Some projects in the cardano network, like sundae swap or bison did offer a period of token generation for stakeholders if they delegated to partner Pools.
Is there any overview or a newsfeed where stakepool operators can be aware of new projects who are looking for partner pools? To be honest, I always noticed it only when it was too late!

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Wingriders will at some point decentralize their agents (something like sundae scoopers), but not sure what the requirements will be and when it’ll happen.

Dear all I got aware of a ispo platform which does quite exactly, what I meant in my original posting:

Maestro is a platform for ISPOs, that offers turnkey services for ISPOs. Additionaly they are going to implement a dashboard for all upcoming ISPOs as a censorship free aggregator (which means regardless if they are Maestro clients or not).

One of their current projects is IAGON, which offers blockchain storage services and which is migrating resp. bridging over from ETHEREUM.
The reasons for bridging acc. to the CEO are

  • TA costs and TA speed
  • Security issues resp. the science based approach
  • overall philosophy regarding decentralization and governance

Unfortunately no community pools can participate in the ISPO, but only their own resp. Maestro owned pools, starting with IAG1. Hopefully other ISPOs will include the community more. Another brick in the wall which is difficult to go through or over for SPOs.

Additional infos:


great session with guys from maestro and iagon: