Association of Independent SPOs

Are there, or has there ever been, some kind of association or group dedicated to independent, single and developing SPOs?

Having read a few “I am shutting down my small SP” threads, I was curious what efforts have been made amongst this group of decentralized entrepreneurs and technologists to band together in common cause?

Is Cardano heading towards becoming an alternative iteration of Bitcoin’s “distributed, but not actually decentralized” conundrum?

Is Cardano facing a real danger of eventually being controlled by a cabal of a few powerful entities managing to consistently marshall a majority of voting power and the overwhelming majority of rewards in the system?

What efforts are folks making to make sure Cardano is distributed, decentralized and fertile ground for any passionate newcomer to come along a run a successful SP?

Or should we even care? Is the market always right? Even as we see increased restrictions on what is considered “acceptable” avenues of discourse and economic activity by an increasing percentage of public and private entities?

Thanks in advance, and if this is already a discussion somewhere, just point me thataway!

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The Hard Fork Cafe is working on including Stake Pools into Project Catalyst by holding twitter spaces and asking participants to spread the message to include stake pools in the thread for additional exposure and because a lot of new stake holders come in though catalyst.

Here is the thread.

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Thanks for your replies, I will check them out!

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