Introducing Beer Money [BEER]

Could you use a little more beer money? We know we could, and we’re here to fix that! We’re setting out to earn every Cardano stake holder a little more beer money through staking. How? Simple.

Let me introduce our new (and only) stake pool Beer Money [BEER] ! We are a small pool, operated out of AWS from the United States, by a small team of IT Professionals. We have competitively low fees and plenty of room for delegates to begin earning rewards! If you don’t receive rewards, we don’t receive beer money. To us, that’s the same as a roundhouse kick to the groin. Ouch!

Now is a perfect time to ditch those large stake pool groups with 3, 4, or 5 pools (sometimes more) that are starting to become more saturated by the day! Is that really decentralization? We don’t think so. Don’t get caught scrambling to re-delegate your stake when an epoch comes to an end and the pool you delegated to was over saturated or retired. Start today and stake with a small stake pool to help decentralization of the network across the spectrum. Keep an eye on the horizon for the day when Beer Money [BEER] mints our first block, it’s coming!!

You can find more details about our pool on our website or the typical watering holes for pool information (pooltool & adapools). We’re also on Telegram and Twitter if you want to reach out directly.

Pool ID: 9c2157ad46bdfd35a027c77d1e28cd3d8449c5a85a4b24dde4a7ac6e

Crack one open and celebrate with us on this momentous (for us) occasion!


~ The Beer Money Team


Haha! Love the introduction! Points for originality… Good luck to you and your pool!

Thanks, very much appreciated! Cheers!!

Good one,l used to strip electrical cable for the copper and sell it for beer money.Times have changed.