Introducing Geo Scavengers [Mobile AR MMORPG]

Project introduction
Name: Geo Scavengers
Description: Mobile AR MMORPG
Website: , Geo Scavengers – Aperico Software

We are applying for Fund 8 with this project: Community
White paper (WIP): Geo Scavengers Whitepaper - Google Docs

All information is in the two above links. We will look for funding until we get it because we believe firmly in this project and believe that Cardano is the best place to make it happen. Since funding is still required I understand that people do not want to commit at this stage. However, I want to take this opportunity to network and build rapport with people in the community. If you think this project sounds fun and think that you could contribute please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are looking for blockchain dev
Reason: Wallet integration, in-game NFT mint
Paid or voluntary: Paid

We are looking for UI/UX
Reason: Consulting or hands-on for improvements to existing UI
Paid or voluntary: Paid

We are looking for marketing & social media
Reason: Full responsibility for promotion of the game
Paid or voluntary: Paid

We are looking for advisors
Reason: Feedback and advise on tokenomics, eco-system and community building
Paid or voluntary: depending on scope and commitment


Pokemon GO style scavenger hunt based on geocaching with a blockchain twist?


Flutter is a pretty awesome framework. I almost choose it for my project a few years ago but changed my mind due to the need to centralize Cardano integration as well as not wanting to deal with Google/Apple stores with all the regulatory risk of early adoption. In retrospect using web assembly for browsers and mobile support did not turn out to be as seamless but it still works.

Pokemon GO style scavenger hunt based on geocaching with a blockchain twist?

There are certainly similarities, but the focus is more on RPG elements with character driven progression and with a focus on gathering, treassure hunting and crafting. With the additional end-game element of trading and holding zones.

Flutter is a pretty awesome framework

It is excellent and fast for creating UI, but when you want to use functions outside of the core you have to use or write plugins for things like camera, maps, video etc. which does not have good support from Google.

I think Web is always good considering how easily accessible it is for users.

deal with Google/Apple stores with all the regulatory risk of early adoption.

Agreed, but you can always distribute outside of their sites if problems should arise.

I think I saw a proposal from you in Fund 8?

I am pretty much flying solo and self funded.

Throughout the project I have needed to reduce and re-imagine the scope of the design, including eliminating the RPG elements when I failed to find a suitable on-chain storage solution for things like experience.

You may encounter similar issues with your inventory management approach to gathering and crafting. One of the better solutions considered before I abandoned on-chain storage for game state was to defer the onus and frequency onto the player.

In my case it was about “claiming experience” and going through the level-up process to record the meta data update for a character token. In your case it may be “stashing treasure” to record a hash or snapshot of their inventory on-chain at the end of a hunt or session.

I agree with you, and early on took a pragmatic approach to not save everything on-chain, the way I see it that cannot be done on any blockchain considering speed and cost. We will basically mint an NFT for everything that has real importance or value, the rest we will handle in a standard client/server way with the usual tricks to keep it safe from cheaters.


Also not to just be a bumper for one of maybe a dozen of us actually working on a real game project for Cardano I forgot to mention check out dart:ffi in Flutter. You can literally make a plugin that calls/links to C/C++ or something more powerful as needed. For example I used this to bring Signal protocol and WolfSSL into an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform in the past. In context here you could use this same capability to bind your Flutter app to cardano-node FFI for various CLI commands similar to blockfrost and dapp wallets.

That looks like a great package, thanks for the tip!

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we can help you with all the aspects of the work.

We do have resources who can help you with Blockchain Development/ UI/UX / Digital Marketing and also have advisors having exp of more than 10+ years.

Would love to discuss this with you.

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