Introducing Greek Cardano Stake Pool Sapiopool [SAPIO]

We are a team of Systems Engineers called “Τhe Greeks”, we love technology and the benefits that could bring in people all over the world.

Blockchain is going to be an innovative path and Cardano is the project with the best foundations as its technology is peer-reviewed and implemented in a high assurance manner.

All the protocols are mathematically proven and written in Haskell which is a purely functional programming language.

Delegating your Cardano makes you part of the ecosystem, as that’s your vote of confidence or a way to show your support to our pool mission and goals.

We have build already a community of 300 people, trying to educate them and give them high-quality information and answers. Help them in all processes making video content to our youtube channel and guide them in our everyday communication.

Making video Content in the Greek language.

Contribute to Adapools and Pooltool by translating those two websites into the Greek Language.

Building a strong community every day in order to become widely known.

We would like to thank our delegators that keep supporting us.