Invalid argument when building raw transaction to mint tokens

Hi there,

I’m minting some custom tokens on the testnet but I am now running into problems trying to automate the process. I am using the following command:
cardano-cli transaction build-raw --fee 0 --ttl 0 \
--tx-in 000070f806e882cd0ab7e981fee968ebd92cf9f0ef3c42ec9dde6b761787e9b4#0 \
--tx-out addr_test1vrchx94qj0g3rud3renucu9un9j7w3s3uy6g9lqv0g2pnlc22vxuz+0+"100 976f82658dedf8d5ae95b74bbf101b7ece0fa7f5e38769e05e6b5c81.GA + 20 976f82658dedf8d5ae95b74bbf101b7ece0fa7f5e38769e05e6b5c81.VIP" \
--mint=100 976f82658dedf8d5ae95b74bbf101b7ece0fa7f5e38769e05e6b5c81.GA + 20 976f82658dedf8d5ae95b74bbf101b7ece0fa7f5e38769e05e6b5c81.VIP \
--metadata-json-file metadata.json --out-file mintTx.raw

I get the following message:
Invalid argument 976f82658dedf8d5ae95b74bbf101b7ece0fa7f5e38769e05e6b5c81.GA

Prior to this I have generated a policy skey, vkey and script file and the policy ID which matches the policy IDs used there.

If you know what I am doing wrong or any tips to fix this it would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Hi everyone,

I think I found the answer to my problem above…

the value I have put in after the --mint= flag should be wrapped in “quotation marks”. That seems to have fixed it.

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