IOHK announces a major brand refresh for Cardano and reveal new Gource visualisation

The design team at IOHK recently started a project to refresh our brand across the portfolio of Cardano websites. The decision was to overhaul the design of each website and the information it displayed. The websites would be more intuitive to use and convey data more effectively and in an information-rich way. This would give users the big picture but also allow them to drill down to understand details in a way that had not been done before with any cryptocurrency project. You can read about the team’s philosophy and design process here by IOHK’s Design Director, Richard Wild.

With the addition of involvement from community members, we launch the refreshed Cardano roadmap today, where you can see the result of months of work. You can view the new features, from exploring the list of developer commits, to receiving notifications when the roadmap is released each month.

Alongside with the redesign, we are also pleased to announce the release of Gource (seen at the top of the roadmap). This is a data visualisation project that is a dynamic and living artwork, created from a Git repository directory structure. The visualisation is continually evolving in real time based on developer commits. Each time a commit is made, the edited files light up. Please note that this is a working proof of concept, and it’s rolling out to all devices over the coming months, bringing more functionality and intuitive widgets to the UX.

Gource will feature on each Cardano website. Every development project has a different GitHub file structure, and Gource will represent this and act as a unique fingerprint for each one. The full-screen view with rich interactive functionality is available by clicking on the glowing button in the header of the Cardano roadmap. In future we will include more features. These will offer viewers a means to explore the code, and understand more about the development in a way that is not only useful, but beautiful too.

Now for the first time Cardano has a real brand identity that exactly represents the project in a visual way. We will be rolling out this restyle across the rest of our assets, including Why Cardano and Cardano docs. Follow IOHK’s Twitter and YouTube, to stay updated. The redesign will completely redefine how you understand IOHK projects, and evolves how we communicate as a company.

At IOHK we believe that Cardano is not just a development project: it is distributed systems, it is social science, it is a political movement, and among other things, it is also a design challenge.

We’d love to hear your feedback, please let us know what you think. We may even end up working with you as we have done with other community members.




hey @richard.wild, congrats on the restyle. i’m struggling to see how addition of colour constitutes a MAJOR rebrand… is there a reason the logo isn’t minimalist in form, say to the point that - like the airbnb belo or nike swish - can be drawn by anyone?

It’s not just color. See the blog :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion: We see a lot of great updates on the technical side of the house. But, it would be nice to see regular updates on the education / business / end user side of the house. My biggest questions are what’s being done to show corporations, banks, etc that Cardano is the platform that is going to benefit their business needs - that Cardano should be their platform of choice.

If this is already being done at another site location, would you post the link. Thanks!


Sometimes images say more then thousand words.

@richard.wild , mate, i did. multiple times. and again now.

i’m not one to comment on a headline making assumptions. i didn’t pick and choose one aspect then form my entire response based on it - like the response i received - fixated on ‘just colour’, then belittling and dismissing my enquiry.

my question still stands, what of the form?

I don’t think the logo has been redesigned, this is just a new visualisation of it.

The new layout for the road map looks good, I like it, this was the first chance I had to go over it, good job!

I should have posted the video here on this thread Navigating the Cardano roadmap video