IOHK - Other Coins to procure

Hi Guys - I am trying to invest in all things Cardano/IOHK/Charles…What other crypto’s is IOHK/Cardano/Charles explicitly backing/partnering with?

I know that in addition to building out the most stable blockchain out there to be the bedrock of the crypto world Charles via the IOHK arm is also co-opting some of the best domain specific crypto’s out there, getting their IP and also building stuff out for them, and also injecting them with the ethics and coding discipline that will create flywheel effects for that coin to be the leader in their domain. For example, ZenCash …IOHK builds out the treasury concept and they get to review the privacy IP zSnarks…the CEO of ZenCash was all about instilling the peer review process to mature their org.

You prob already know this, but have you checked out the projects page?

Hi XZact - i did go here but it isn’t obvious to me what the projects are in relation to other crypto’s IOHK is partnering with. I was able to bird dog zenCash through a Choskins interview but hoping to make sure i find others.

Good idea, if you find anything cool outside of this forum, don’t forget to share it here :slight_smile:
sorry I don’t have any insider info

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Choskins! Love it.

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Charles has already said that our platform will latch on to support bitcoin and Ethereum. But I would love it if Neo could get the same integration as those other two.


Hi Rob - I totally agree on NEO. I think interoperability is a core tenant. What I am looking for specific IOHK partnerships i.e. ZenCash, ETClassic etc. where they are injecting the same discipline that Cardano has into their development.

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They are continuing support for ETH Classic, so there’s potential for them to do something interesting with this, and make ETh Classic more appealing then the new Ethereum. I picked up a little bit when it was cheap just in case. One possibility, is that IOHK might make it easier for previous Ethereum dapps to switch from Ethereum over to Ethereum classic. (benefits being, minimum changes required, and gaining the benefit of the IOHK Cardano security guarantees) I’m just guessing here, but they may be able to use ETH classic to compete with Ethereum more directly. Instead of trying to get Ethereum developers and Dapps to embrace the new Cardano and Haskel, they could continue working with what is familiar, but with ETH classic instead of ETH.

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I also think it is to take POW to it’s fullest.

We are on the same wavelength. While I favor diversification it’s hard not to slant in favor of coins supported by Charles & the Cardano ecosystem.

Check this out…bought some Storm this morning because of it:


Great catch! StormX also has a partnership with ZenCash woot woot! :slight_smile: I see alliances forming lol :slight_smile:

Actually I think this strategy of investing in projects IOHK is involved with could have long term merit.
The rigorous process they use is a good assurance of longer term positive outcome, and ultimately most of these coud end up being satellites around the Cardano ecosystem in general and provide a synergistic effect.

I will start a new thread on a mythical IOIndex Coin that holds a share of all IOHK related coins to track to see how well it does.


Exactly what i was thinking! Mega when is that mining pool thing updated?

Hi Saline09,
I made a post with the exact prices for today so we can publicly track it’s performance (called it the IOIndex Coin lol).

Re: staking pool - should have more info on Feb 5. Believe we are still on track for April live staking but we’ll know more in just over a week!

Hope you are doing well!

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I am doing well! Thank you for asking. I’m stoked and i can’t wait to be apart of the staking pool with you.

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Awesome & great to hear. I’m excited for the pooling to start as well!

[On that topic - we did a functional stress test of the AI monitoring today by purposefully and suddenly terminating the SL node process on the Singapore node.
AI monitoring worked like a champ, immediately fired off alerts until we restored the SL node process and then announced all clear!
(Visuals at the blog - )

Anyway, all this testing and monitoring is to help ensure the staking pool is online and monitored 24/7/365 to maximize your rewards! ]

**Back to regular discussion of your awesome idea about procuring all coins related to IOHK :slight_smile: