ZenCash and IOHK partner - treasury system work and 'spectre' DAG

Interesting video released today. Basically more details on ZenCash/IOHK partnership and some references to Cardano.
The main takeaways I got from it for those who don’t want to watch:
1 - IOHK will develop the treasury model and provide that to ZenCash who will tune it for their respective situation. That work will then also be cycled into Cardano and then customized for Cardano, and possibly other cryptos as well. Effectively it becomes a ‘template Treasury’ system that can be plugged in and customized for any crypto.

2- IOHK is flushing out a new spec for a block-DAG called Spectre. (DAG = Direct Acyclic Graph vs. the usual ‘blockchain’). Apparently this is all coming from two papers put out by an Israeli research team, IOHK is forming it into a usable spec and then ZenCash will code and implement.
The ideal result is a combined Proof of Work setup but where the blocks go on the DAG, instead of a blockchain. The mesh structure of the DAG means that blocks that don’t make it right away into the block chain can still be used vs tossed in the current single blockchain.
That means possible transaction speed of tens of thousands per second vs. the slower blockchain config. This work doesn’t tie in to Ouroboros at the moment but is a possible quantum jump for PoW systems. (note - this is not the same as IOTA Dag where transactions form the mesh nodes…Spectre uses Pow blocks and per Charles building on the proven block structure means it is building on much better foundation).

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