Is Algorand the Cardano comptetitor?

I just found out about algorand. They using pure POS. Are these gonna be the Cardano Competitor if Cardano work too slow?
The funny thing is there are a lot of Cardano believer following Algorand in the Twitter. I wonder if these guys are backup just in case Cardano failing apart or they are own by Cardano?

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I looked at them, came across this, “The Algorand protocol implementation will be open sourced” meaning they are not yet open.

“We call our approach Algorand, because we use algorithmic randomness to select, based on the ledger constructed so far, a set of verifiers who are in charge of constructing the next block of valid transactions.”

BTW, “pure PoS” is marketing, they should TM it, PPoS ™

Notice, in all their writing they do not address what Cardano is doing and has done.

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Algorand I believe in my opinion is a serious project … but
Even if they have a very amazing protocol that is good for the whole space and at the date, the blockchain services adoption is very small ( negligently small ) so there is space for 1, 2 and 3 even more other projects to compete, that is good for a healthier ecosystem!

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I just read that Algorand was launch yesterday. Anybody have a piece of ALGO?
Any Idea how to buy it?

Here’s an article on Algorand from Undersearcher previously AKA Belowsearcher. He was an active member of the Cardano forum.

This is really good article. I hope Cardano realize and wake up there are newcomer that looking at Cardano tail and want to eat Cardano’s piece of cake.

Algo already positioned for Coinbase Pro. Nice!