Is Atala Prism Open Source? If not, will it ever be?

Unfortunately, no news, we are coming back from holidays soon, and the Open Source strategy isn’t there yet.

That’s ok, and thx.

Hi. I would like to know if Atala PRISM is open sourced? Where can we get the SDK and developer resources?

No news on this yet.

FYI, the Plutus repo on Github appears to contain code for a use case for PRISM, but I don’t know if/how that might relate to Atala PRISM or an SDK for it.

I checked the code, this is just preparing Plutus to integrate with PRISM credentials but it doesn’t have anything related to PRISM SDK being public.


Atala PRISM will be open source. Charles said it in the recent interview Charles Hoskinson on Cardano and its Future of Real World Adoption, and d = 0 (Decentralization) - YouTube he start talking about it on the 29th minutes and he said “it is open source” at the 35th minute. Let’s go develop for Cardano guys. Great project ^^

Any news on this?

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Yes- an important part of the ecosystem…would be nice to get a proper update, and a section added to the developer portal.

Any update on this?