Is Cardano Hackable?

Does this Sify article have any merit to the fact that Cardano ADA wallets could be hackable?

FACT: There is no such thing as “unhackable”.

I find it ironic that the researchers come from the very same university Cardano is partnering with, Edinburgh. This Andriana Gkaniatsou is working with Aggelos Kiayias who designed Cardano’s Ouroboros protocol. So I wouldn’t worry…

Also, it’s not the first time and it might not be the same paper (I’m not sure) but last year around November the below paper was published by the same person:

specifically targeting the Ledger Nano S. I remember the Ledger CTO on Reddit calling them out and disagreeing with their findings. Unfortunately I can’t find the link.

Given that Ledger and IOHK are now working together for the future ADA support, I wouldn’t worry too much, just always be paranoid and think twice before downloading something or clicking on a link to avoid installing malwares and keyloggers on your computer.

You can also learn how to check yourself your hosts files and see if your computer is owned, by carefully reading the first comment on this Reddit link, which has great instructions (comment from all_is_all_to_all):