Is Daedalus or a light wallet better for you?e

Running a full node is only for some as it places demands on disk storage, bandwidth and computing power. The reward is maximum security and trustless status. Users tend to be surprised that it can take a long time to get the Daedalus wallet up and running. Daedalus is a full node and people should know what that means. For some, a light wallet is a better choice even at the cost of having to trust a third party. What is the difference between a full-node Daedalus wallet and a light wallet like Yoroi and many others?


  • Daedalus is a desktop wallet that also installs Cardano full node on your computer.
  • Daedalus gives users freedom and independence.
  • Light wallets connect to servers operated by third parties. The server is running Cardano full node.
  • Always use only self-custody wallets.
  • It is the most secure to use hardware wallets to generate and store private keys.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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