Is DNA truly the future of data storage?

C.Hoskinson mentioned in one of his talks that data storage will become super expensive in the future. How do you think it’ll affect the blockchain world??

Share your thoughts;

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Blockchain data storage? or storage in general?

What would the arguments be for it becoming expensive lol… I think thats silly. Obviously it ill become cheaper and cheaper from a hardware perspective, but of course if the demand side rises just as fast, it could rise or stagnate… But I find it unlikely. What was the arguments?

Lol what’s the difference, it’s all data isn’t it?
I found this article, it’s an interesting read;

I think C.Hoskinson brought up the issue of data storage somewhere in the beginning of this talk;

DNA used for data storage kind of makes me think of this;

Appears to me that types of information where legal requirements are tied to lengths of time they are to be held securely (medical info?) may in my view be an area here where cost may be the subject of discussion.

It would be so expensive for “users” and, in Blockchain space would be amazingly challenging what to do with the data now! Not even imagining with mass adoption… but at the same time i believe this issue will be solved, mainly ( to simplify ) in two vias of works
1- creating somehow some Proof of proof of stake (PoPoS) but instead of transaction between sidechains but for the whole ledger until that moment of downloading the blockchain and from that point you sycronize shards of that blockchain

2- Hardware, i do believe that is question of time to be able to have hundreds of Tb in normal laptops, the problem here is not being constructed as fast as our production of blockchain in those times

the affect, hopefully the blockchain revolution will create a need for this hardware that eventually would lead to speed up the creation of hardware capable of managing that data