Talking blockchains what they can bring to world

I am thinking about idea of communication between blockchains.
I have to admit that I am supporter of blockchain technology and also sceptic person.
My post is at this stage of crypto is just SF but it is include my concerns, hopes, fears. I hope that it my help to develop right solutions in future. I imagin that when the blockchains will start “talk each other” it will be huge analitical tool.

This data MIGHT be use in many ways by analitics or AI:

  • To createing interent identity and identfy all connections between people- by finding wallets significant corelations.
  • To profile users
  • Identifying market needs-by money fluctuation, demand and supply in real time and predict them.
  • Predict short term future by combining, indvidual efficiency ( for eg. mesured by incomes and social influeence), invested money to action, geolocalzation and matrix of probablity of similar actions.

What do you think about possible usage of data ? If my way of thinking is not correct, write to me below.