Hello from Austin Texas!

Hello to everyone. My name is Don and I am excited to have found Cardano. I have been watching from the sidelines for quite a while and still consider myself a novice in my understanding, but I feel that IOHK/Cardano is where I need to be to grow and learn as blockchain technology continues its revolutionary growth. I look forward to getting to know you!


Hello from a fellow Texan!

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Hello Don!

What are your intentions for blockchain technology?

New here 2 btw :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

Howdy devbym,

That’s a great question! My generic answer is “I don’t know.” The more I read about blockchain the more I realize that it’s potential is SO much more than just digital currency. My main intention at the moment is to build my foundation for the future. I am not smart enough or experienced enough to articulate, much less grasp the actual technology involved yet and that is enough to make me very curious!

I read the Kaliescope research paper posted on the IOHK website because I consider myself a good poker player and it really helped me to begin to understand some of the problems that helped to lead to the development of blockchain tech.

I also do have a desire to make some financial gains too, but I plan to treat my investments in cryptocurrencies like traditional investments and not speculate TOO much.:wink:

I would love to hear about your intentions as well.

And have a great day as well!

Hey Donnie,

Thank you for he amazing answer :slight_smile: . It’s nice to hear that you are just pleasantly enjoying the ride of all this new technology coning into our lives and just tryin’to figure out what it all means and is capable of.
We are just at the beginning of it!

It’s actually been pretty much the same for me. Since a year or so, i have started leaming a bit about webdevelopment and wiriting HTML and JS, then the crypto tornado came and i got to read more on blockchain than crypto in the end.
Instead of being on exchanges and all that :stuck_out_tongue: i got into the tech stuff.
so now my goal is actually design and build a blockchain application ( which has a proper use-case that is.)
Although my devskills are nowhere near that level on this point, but got some time and a bunch of motivation to get there! I took the ’ become blockchain professional’ exit a while ago i guess, since i kind of had the freedom of making this choice in life at this moment

So lately i have been working out this idea and concept which will be the whitepaper for my app / business you see :slight_smile: Mainly reading reasearchpapers and trying to figure out wallets and encrytion and ‘smart contracts’ and how-to-do-it stuff :
In the end the crypto profits are nice, but i would enjoy getting rich on blockchain more when i’ve actually done something for it :smiley:
Trying to find some folks here to team up with maybe or chat about dev on Cardano, there is a lot of knowledge on these forums!
How did you get specifically into Cardano / ADA? Because the landscape is pretty wide actually

Anyway, nice to meet you!
How’s the weather in Texas ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one, Donnie

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Great to hear you are working hard on learning the tech side! The weather in Texas is cold and windy at the moment. Where are you from?

I too have been getting serious about trying to get my own business going in a partnership with Cardano/Emurgo. If you might be interested in trying to collaborate, check out my post here in the forum “Who wants to help build a new company?”.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what your app idea is!:grin:

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also in austin. are there meetups re: cardano?

Hello Austin!

There is a meetup for Cardano now!

The group’s purpose is to, over time, do a deep dive into the Cardano protocol ( technical deep dive), the new applications and technologies it will enable, and also the new investment opportunities it will enable. I don’t want the group to become just a conversation about investments, so I plan to a have a format where we cover various topics in each meeting.

We will be announcing a first meeting in the next week or two to nail down our objectives and format of our meetings. I am giving more people a change to join in the meantime.

Please help invite others who may be looking to learn and to contribute to the meetings.